Y9 Mixed Media Posters Portraits of famous people inspired by the artist Shepard Fairey

Students began by creating an A3 collage background using articles from current newspapers. This was then covered with a white acrylic wash mixed with a small amount of tea. They then drew a famous person of their choice onto the background.
A light colour wash was applied to areas on the background around the face using block paint.
They designed stencils with a connection to their chosen famous person, and cut them out of card. They dry-brushed these onto sections of the background.
Black pen was applied using a range of thick and thin lines to emphasise different areas of the face. Black shadows were added around the head using a dry brush technique.
Text linked to the famous person was cut out of newspaper letters and added to the poster. Finally, coloured pencil was added to the shadow areas on the face.
Final posters exhibited in our gallery
All work Created by Y9 students at Cramlington Learning Village. 2017
Created By
Louise Clazey

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