The Academy At Rye High School: Coming September 2020


OUR STORY --- Beginning September 2020, Rye High School will launch a new half day program at Rye High School called The Academy at Rye High School, a new learning community encouraging intellectual growth, creativity, and risk taking. The Academy will be a diverse community of juniors, seniors, and educators who are committed to learning together. Students who are accepted to the program will be challenged to build a community that celebrates those qualities that make us unique individuals. While attending The Academy, students will choose their project interest areas and challenges based on their unique skill sets and passions.

Imagine a path for learning that excites your innermost curiosity.


WHO: Our intention is to enroll twelve juniors and twelve seniors in the program. These students will be supported by six teachers, a guidance counselor, and a social worker.

WHAT: Three interdisciplinary courses. A junior Social Studies/English class that blends together American History, Current Events, Rhetoric, and Biographical Writing. A senior Social Studies/English class that blends together Economics, Participation in Government, Philosophy, and Public Speaking.A Math/Science class that blends together Sustainability, Environmental Science, and Contemporary Math (Problem Solving; Finance; Mathematical Modelling).An Advisory Program which focuses on social and emotional learning.

What do i "really" want to learn about?

WHEN: Classes will be in session from 8:00am to 10:53am every day. Students and faculty will participate in Rye Community Lunch beginning at 10:57am and take additional RHS courses in the afternoon.

WHERE: The 3rd Floor of Rye High School which will be reconfigured as a collaborative learning space.

Q: What will this look like for our students?


WHY: To offer students a program in which they meet challenges by pursuing their own interests and developing their own talents. To offer students a chance to explore knowledge by inviting them to cross disciplines. To offer students smaller classes in which they can learn how to build and sustain a healthy community.

HOW: The classes in The Academy will be relatively small, so students will receive more individualized attention from their teachers. Students in The Academy will learn and grow by completing projects, solving “real world” problems and participating in internships. Students will be able to choose how to approach challenging projects, and choose how they demonstrate their new knowledge and skills. Teachers will offer feedback by setting personalized goals with students, and measuring the degree to which students accomplish those goals.



If you choose to apply, please be as candid as you can on the application and during the interview. We do not have an “ideal” candidate in mind; admission decisions will be based on what students want to get out of the program, and what we can all contribute to our learning community.

CLICK TO APPLY! For additional information, please visit our FAQ page.

CLICK HERE for the official Parent Communication slides presentation.


Program Coordinator: George Krajca at krajca.george@ryeschools.org

Rye High School Administrator: Suzanne Short at short.suzanne@ryeschools.org

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