My Happy Life Home By Méganne BB

Old House

This house may look old. But since you enter in it, its like a "new" old house. Its really cool and there is a lot of new technologie in it.

When we first look at it, it seems like a normal kitchen but....

In this beautiful house, theres a brand new kitchen. This kitchen can Cook everything for you and you dont have to pay food or ustensils or dishes. It can cook things that mexicans cook, or italiens cook. Every food around the world can be Cook by this kitchen. And it can take less than one hour to Cook a turkey. The only thing weird about this kitchen is we don't know where she takes all of her stuff like food or dishes. But that's not our problem.

In the living room, there is a lot of new technologie. Exemple, you dont have to search for the remote if you lose it because the remote is integrate to the couch. So you will never look for your remote anymore. Second, the TV is a circular TV and when you are sitting on the couch, the TV goes all around you. Thats like if you were in 3D. Next, the kitchen is like a siri everywhere you go in the house you can talk to the kitchen. So if you want some popcorn during a movie you can ask her some popcorn.

In the bathroom, there is a shower with a really cool design. The water of the shower can change of color. It can be witchever color you want. It may look weird but it will be 100% pure water so dont worry its not toxic , its just a new experiment that works really nicelly.290 words

In a kind of secret place that its hard to see, you have a machine really cool. This thing can print design that you can put on clothes. How does it works? You need to draw your favorite design on a application on your PC and you need to print it with a special printer. And once its print on your shirt you have to let it dry for 15m. And voilà ! You have the coolest shirt in the world.

Thats preatty it for my Happy Life Home. I hope you enjoy read it!


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