Jason Lloyd Art Art Commissions

Art Commissions

Studio Sketches


This is a traditional loose looking sketch. Subjects are drawn in digital pencil. Featuring white accents and one additional colored area. You may choose which area/part of body to highlight.

Included: Pastel background.

Couples: $40

Studio Sketch $30
Studio Sketch $30


Digital Line Art Portrait


Every art piece starts somewhere. Line Art Portraits are how I start all my commissions. Featuring traditional pen and ink lines.

Included: Solid color background

Couples: $40

Add $5 for Speech Bubbles, font, comic style gutter

Digital Line Art (w/speech bubble, font, & border) $35
Digital Line Art (w/speech bubble & font) $35


Digital Pen & Ink Portraits.


A digital pen & ink portrait with some shading and detail. Wash of various gray tones complete the look.

Included: Simple background, pops of color

Couples: $50

Add $5 for Speech Bubbles, font, comic style gutter

Pen & Ink (w/font) $45
Pen & Ink (w/font) $55


Pop Art Portraits


Pop Art Portraits are colorful and are perfect for aviators or profile pictures. They are unique and fun. They feature bright colors and bold lines. They resemble old school comic artwork and can be used to create your own comic strip. You may also request them without the “dots” for a more traditional illustration feel.

Included: simple background, simple comic pattern background

Couples: $70

Add $5 for Speech Bubbles, font, and comic style gutter

Make it a comic strip. Each additional panel:

Single Subject: $20

Couples: $25

*Additional panels include speech bubbles and font.

Pop Art Portrait $60
Pop Art Portraits (without dots, w/font) $65
Pop Art Portraits (w/font, speech bubble & gutter) $65
Pop Art Portraits (Couples w/font) $75


Digital Full Color Concept Portrait


Full color artwork with high detail. This creates a bold statement. A lot of care goes into these to achieve the right look. Concept Portraits are great for “pinup style” work. Other vector art can be added to create a specific look and you have the option for a detailed more complex background. Tell me what you have in mind and let’s create some art. This is an anything goes type piece.

Included: Speech bubbles, font, other vector art, full backgrounds, pattern backgrounds, various borders, white border around subject, and more.

Couples: $90

Concept $75
Concept $75
Concept $75


Other Commissions Available

  • Font only designs (T-Shirt designs) $20
  • Font and Vector art (T-Shirt designs) $30
  • Color Pet Portraits $60 or add your pet to any style for $15 more.
  • Logos and other commercial art *Price Various on project

More Information:

If you’re interested in a commissioned piece that doesn’t fall into any of the above categories, let me know. We will figure something out and I’ll give you a price. If you don’t know exactly know what style you want, go on my Instagram and check out all my artwork. This will give you an idea what I can do.


Prices are subject to change at any time. I do believe that art should be accessible to everyone who is interested and I promise I will keep quotes responsible. I frequently run commission sales. With all that being said, If something is out of your price range or you need to make multiple payments, I’ll work with you. Please do not ask for free illustrations. I have to make a living just like everyone else.

A down payment is required for all commissions. In order to put your name onto my list of pending projects, I’ll need a down payment or the full amount up front.

Payments are made thru PayPal, Venmo, or Apple Pay. Final illustration will not be released until payment is paid in full.

Turn Around Time

Turn around time is usually 2-4 weeks, sometimes less. It all depends how many clients are waiting for their piece and complexity of each one. I’ll give you an estimate on when your commission will be done during the ordering process. I try to do all commissions in the order in which payment is received. If your portrait is for a special occasion, let me know. I might be able to move things around. Gift certificates are available if you need something quick. They don’t expire.

Reference Photos

All reference material you send me is for my eyes only. Please make sure your reference photos are decent quality. The more detail I can see, the better your artwork will turn out. Nudity is perfectly fine. Nudity in the artwork is censored on all social media platforms. Patreon is the only place uncensored work is shared. I have to follow those annoying social media guidelines. Private art pieces are perfectly acceptable and will not be shared to anyone. I will only mention/tag you with your permission.

Some artwork I won’t do: Anything I find personally offensive, pieces that promote hate or violence, or anything I’m just not into. Please keep in mind that this is my artistic vision. I have to have some creative freedom.

DM me if you’re interested.