Unhooked Books By Dominik chraca

Holden here! Again, I am forced to read a stupid book again in school. Honestly, I would probably like the book better if it weren't even assigned. I'm not sore and all. I’m really not. I just think that all of us are being plugged by these teachers. I love to read with a burning passion, but when I have to read at an uncomfortable pace, I feel like starving myself. I love to pick up books and just read. One time, I was reading about a kid who was struggling in life and kept on getting expelled, he was a kid who never had a clear mind and would just jump from one topic to the other. It was a helluva good read and I was able to relate to it a lot. I hate it when these teachers do this to us, don’t they know I have robotics, an essay due, and band practice everyday after school till 5. These morons think this is the only class we have in the whole school. Right now, I’m taking 5 ap classes with two research classes that just bombard you with homework. These teachers think we have phony classes and just slack off. The only person I know that slacks off is this kid named Martin. He has a lot of potential but he horses around way too much. One time we were working on a project for math and we only got the title done. He was a fun partner but a helluvabitch. We would start doing work and two seconds later he would change the topic and horse around. I would get sore at times but he would fix that up with a playful joke. Anyways, these teachers think we are all Martin’s. Like what kind of moron would think of such a thing… Forcing us to read these books just makes it feel like a chore when it shouldn’t. If it makes it feel like a chore, you aren't able to retain anything. I mean anything. Now I’m going to try to read this dumb book and try to not plug myself.


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