Africa By: Guadalupe Castillo

Africa is the 2nd largest continent, Asia is the largest one.
Boil brain is a language that means chemsha bongo.
Christianity is the largest region in the South.
Desert of Algeria is 90%.
Elephant is the largest living mammal.
First great civilization is in home of Egypt.
Goliath frog is the biggest frog. It weight is 8 lb. It's in Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon.
Highest point is Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.
Indian Ocean and Atlantic Ocean surround Africa.
Jewelry is handcraft, it's know for their beauty and quality.
Kenya's top exports are tea, coffee, wheat, and petroleum products.
Lowest point is Lake Assal in Djibouti.
Nelson Mandela was the first president in May 10, 1994 – June 14, 1999.
Oldest alphabet is and only country that has an alphabets with probably one of the longest 345 letters.
President of Africa is Jacob Zuma.
Richest economy on the South Africa due to the abundance mineral deposits.
Spoken 2,000 different languages by the people of Africa.
Turtle largest colony of endangered turtles found off west Africa.
World´s most poorest and undeveloped.


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