Graphic Design Portfolio Gerardo Munoz

Personal Designs

Fantasy Boat Scene

For this project I used Photoshop to create a grass setting with an imaginary boat. In the beginning I used the Clipping Mask to help blend the grass layer with the sky. I also utilized the layers mask to clean up the boat and change the darkness of the image. I used the wrap and burn tool to add a moss tree texture to the boat. I learned how to blend several objects in one image so that everything fits and has a good contrast. I also learned how to use masks to delete certain things from layers.

Vector Map

To make this flat style vector map with simple shapes and basic colors I used Illustrator. The first step in this project was to create a road with the pen tool. I used the ellipse tool and pathfinder panel to illustrate the clouds by combining three circles and one rectangle. The pen and direct selection tool was needed to construct/modify the lake and colorful houses. For the last steps I utilized the symbol sprayer to draw and position a series of trees on the artboard. Through this project I learned how to illustrate a variety of landmark designs and place them in a flat-styled background.

Pizza Planet GIF

For this tutorial I first used illustrator to make the layout of the colorful pizza planet sign. I later used Photoshop to make the layers vibrant and create an animated GIF. For the first step I created the planet and rings with the ellipse tool. The guide tool helped me make the clean cuts on the text to place the rings over the planet. I struggled several times during this tutorial in particular placing the layers similar to the website's logo since I didn't have the same text font. I also struggled converting my Photoshop document into an animated GIF. I feel pleased by the way I turned my vibrant layers into an animated sequence. Thanks to this project I have learned how to bring a sign to life.

Client Work

The Mousetrap Logo

I used illustrator for my client work piece on the mousetrap logo. I used the pathfinder tool to combine shapes and create the windows. For the hand I used the gradient tool to add a mysterious look. I was struggling a bit with the logo because I wasn't completely sure what my client wanted me to draw but with communication she told me exactly what to fix. I also struggled with drawing the hand because I wasn't certain with the amount of darkness it needed. I'm satisfied with the title after many attempts because the author's name and play's title fits perfectly. My client helped me a lot with telling me the details of objects on the logo. I attempted many tries on drawing the window so the sides and amount of space would be perfect. I now know how to do client work and how it works. I learned how to take other people's tips/instructions and apply them to my work.


Created with images by timoschluter - "kingfisher blue plumage"

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