2019 Beverly Hills 5K-10K Run/Walk & Fitness Blast Alya Mehrtash, Ava seccuro

The Beverly Hills Education Foundation (BHEF) hosted the second annual Beverly Hills 5K-10K Run/Walk & Fitness Blast on Sunday, Jan. 27. The race began in front of city hall, where community members gathered to exercise for a cause. Proceeds from the event go to the BHEF and the five BHUSD schools.

Many BHUSD staff members attended the event, acknowledging the impact the BHEF has on all five schools in the district.

"We already have a very solid relationship with BHEF, and BHEF continues to be innovative in ways for helping with their fundraising and supporting the school district," BHUSD superintendent Michael Bregy said.

“The Beverly Hills Educational Foundation supports the athletics of the entire school district. They help support paying for our assistant coaches, equipment, and just basically sponsoring us, so I wanted to give back to them and show them how much I appreciate all they do for us," BHHS athletic director Tim Ellis said. "These people in the [BHEF] do a marvelous job in supporting the whole school district and our students especially.”

ABC 7 reporter Leo Stallworth was another attendant on Sunday. Stallworth expressed his support for the event, emphasizing the importance of education and fitness.

“I’m interested in this event for two reasons. First and foremost, education. Education is the most important issue in our country today...what Beverly Hills is doing is raising money to fund the schools here in the city, so why wouldn’t we get behind something like that?" Stallworth said. "If we can’t educate our children, we have a bleak future...this event is spearheaded toward education and fitness, two of the biggest issues in our country that we need to be focused on. I’m all for that.”

Board member Rachelle Marcus also participated in the event, finding enjoyment in mingling with fellow community members.

“I’m out here today to support what I think is a great cause, because I feel that this is a community and it shows that we’re together so that’s why I come. To say hello, to be friendly and just to greet everybody," Marcus said. "I feel like I’m an ambassador out here. I enjoy it."

BHUSD parent and 10K runner Negar Kamara encouraged everyone who didn't participate in the event this year to do so next year.

"When you’re active, you feel so much better about yourself, but then when you do it with a group of people and your peers and community members, it’s that much more special," Kamara said. "You feel that sense of unity and it gives you that extra motivation, so I so highly encourage it to anyone of any age to do this.”

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