Why The Sea Is Salty-Samantha


Assist means to give help or support. Parts of speech : verb . My mom's friend was not feeling good so she needed someone to assist her and take her to the hospital.


Looking like a circle.Parts of speech: adjective. One time me and my cousin were looking at our money then she asked me what shape is a penny? So I pulled out my penny s then said they are circular penny s.


To trick others. Parts of speech: adjective. My friend said his cousin's dog was called Crafty Nancy because one time she tricked his cousin giving him the watermelon.


Something someone wants .Parts of speech: noun. My mom's friend had a little plant but my mom had a bigger one so my mom's friend was feeling envy.


Not proud . Parts of speech: adjective. My best friend got a F and her are humble ( not proud) about it.

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Samantha Ruiz


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