Using a video annotation tool in teaching Presentation by Sarita Shukla

"When we adopt technology, there are two considerations: how valuable it is and how much friction is it going to introduce."


Sample student comments:

I think the videologues, the class discussions, and the book best contributed to my understanding. The videologues were a great feature to get through a lot of dense information in an alternate format to all the readings. The discussions helped to gain further perspectives from others in the class. The book was great at explaining the ism of inquiry in basic terms without sparing the gory details. Also the role play jumping in to shift the situation was fun and illuminating.

"I suggest an increase in the vialogue assignments because engaging with other students on the videos and analyzing the videos really aided in exploring the topics we were covering."


  • Ease of use -- free tool only requires creating a username and password (please do not use uw email)
  • Active engagement versus passive viewing -- ongoing dialogue
  • Can embed assignment in LMS
  • Can link video from youtube, vimeo or upload your own videos 1GB or less. Varied formats supported


  • Grading challenges
  • Cannot link UW video collection
  • Strips captioning off youtube videos
  • No unique url for discussion posts
  • No email messages for responses made to your discussion posts


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