The Sun's Intuition The story of a symbol

One day, long ago, I spied a small child and her mother walking through a forest.
From my perch, high in the sky, I sensed something special about this child. Out of burning curiosity, I pushed my way past my friends, the clouds, to get a closer look.
However, the dense forest blocked my view and I was left to wait impatiently.
For a while, I peeked through small holes in the trees, but I never caught more than a glimpse of the two.
Finally, the child and her mother reached a clearing. I tried to let my rays shine down upon the child, but the clouds hastily covered my brightness. Once again I peeked through them, annoyed at their selfishness.
That's when I saw her. The beautiful child's mother was dressed in dark clothing, and on her bosom, she bore a piercing scarlet letter.
The mother's presence blinded me with a rainstorm of fear. I cried out for help, and the clouds quickly shielded me from the mother's evil energy. Although I could no longer see the mother and child, I listened as the child, called Pearl, murmured into her mother's ear,
"‘Mother,’ said little Pearl, ‘the sunshine does not love you. It runs away and hides itself, because it is afraid of something on your bosom."
The pureness of Pearl's words struck my heart, because of course, she was right.

Citations: Hawthorne, Nathaniel, and Chris Rice. The Scarlet Letter. Harlow, Essex, England, Pearson Education, 2008.

The End


Created with images by smarko - "sunset trees mist" • Clownhouse III - "Forest" • Ramdlon - "sky light cloudy" • andyarthur - "Trees Above Boreas River Campsite" • michael pollak - "finally, there is some light in the distance." • claude05alleva - "sun's rays rays landscapes" • slgckgc - "Rose" • chefranden - "Storm Cloud Texture" • Igor Menezes Fotógrafo - "Sessão "Luiza em 'Chapeuzinho Vermelho'"" • Jason Pratt - "Sunset"

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