South Carolina Founded in 1633 andrew kearns

  • John Berkeley one of the founders of South Carolina. There was actually eight of them.
  • He was a English Nobleman.
  • Born: 1602
  • Died: August 28, 1678
  • Anglicans-a tradition within Christianity comprising the Church of England and churches which are historically tied to it or hold similar beliefs, worship practices and church structures.
  • The anglicans was mad dated for Virginian whites.
  • Was originally founded as a haven for Catholics.
  • The Southern colonies were the warmest of the three regions
  • Winters were not difficult to survive, but the hot and humid summers gave rise to the spread of disease.
  • The warm climate made it possible to grow crops throughout the year and was ideally suited for plantations.
  • Concentrated on agriculture
  • Developed the plantations exporting tobacco, cotton, corn, vegetables, grain, fruit and livestock
  • One of the largest slave population who worked on the plantations.


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