Killer Clowns From Deep Below By Cory

We heard, “Rrring Rrring.” Right ahead of us there was a clown wearing a yellow onesie with different colored dots on it. On his face was a big red smile, crazy eyes, a big red nose, and crazy blue hair. The clown got off the bike in front of us, and pulled out a sharp crooked dagger and just cocked his head and started staring at us. We all stopped and turned around and walked away casually as if nothing happened. I looked back to check to see if the clown was following us, he wasn't.. So I turned back and kept on walking. Then 10 seconds later I heard leaves crunching, I turn around and see the clown running after us, I turned back and yelled “RUN.”

We got into town and surprisingly it was empty. Unlike most times, Brownsville was quiet, we didn't think much of the silence but when we got to the police office nobody was there. I started to worry, we left the office to go out and look in other places. We checked everywhere we could think of but no one was there.

We were walking down the gravel road to WIllie’s house. When I heard a stick snap behind us, I looked back and I see a clown.Unlike the other clowns this one was tall, like ten feet tall. He was wearing long red and white striped pants, and a black tail coat. He had a long black top hat on his head that looked like the one Abraham Lincoln wore. And coming out of either side of the hat was long curly red hair.Quinton the said “OH no not again”, I then said “If he’s anything like the others we should run.” Just before we started running the clown pulled a gun out of his pocket and started shooting bubbles at us.

We started walking through the maze, we all had weapons out just in case. The really creepy thing about the maze was that there was this music from the circus, I’m pretty sure I wasn't the only one who was scared. Finally we found the exit it was down a long hallway.

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