University of Southern Indiana, Screaming Eagles Arena Evansville, IN

Architect : CannonDesign

Project Category : College/University

Total Construction Cost : 27,000,000

Total Gross Square Feet : 90,000

Approximate Cost Per Square Foot : $300

How was the facility funded? : Donations, Student, etc.

Project Description:

Sports represent their own form of performance art, and Screaming Eagles Arena provides University of Southern Indiana basketball and volleyball athletes a new home that drew applause from our panel for its artistic design flourishes.

Tasked with creating an iconic addition to the USI campus capable of hosting both athletic and cultural events, designers delivered an aesthetically pleasing expression of geometry, texture, light and color. Exterior glazing appears as angular forms that echo through pedestrian concourses. Red and blue school colors pop against the predominantly white interior, and school mascot references vary from a two-story-tall graphic on glass to more subtle suggestions in ceilings and walls.

“I loved how this design takes a simple but bold form and executes it flawlessly to create a sculptural icon,” said one panelist. “While the arena is the programmatic focus, designers kept a sharp eye on the circulation and lobby areas, bringing in the same elegance and bold form as the exterior.”

“The simple massing and transparency of the facade successfully creates a strong presence and beacon on the campus. Restraint of material palette heightens this simple gesture, making it even stronger.” — Indy Dehal

“I liked the dynamic forms and organic facade materials. I also felt the main entry was inviting and vibrant.” — Steve Chung