Exploration CAuse and effect

What would've motivated them to explore?

The Crusades Finally Ending?

After the trade routes and even during the time they were closed it had made it hard for people to get more resources. Not only that but the wars had stopped them from venturing after a certain area and gathering more knowledge about the world. It does raise the question as to why they believed that going across an ocean was going to get them anywhere. The proof to confirm their ability to find new places thanks to Columbus. After he found a promising source the rest of Europe seemed to follow suite with the hopes of hitting it big with the new available sources.

What was in it for them?

The effects of them leaving their mainland and moving to another in the search of more land and resources was that they were introduced into foreign substances and spices that they hadn’t encountered at home. Not only that but it opened up the coming triangle trade where they began to milk the system for more reward. However, that only worked out until privateers and whatnot had figured out the cycle and began to take the riches and resources to sell themselves in order to make more for themselves and exclude the idea of a generally perfect system. Either way it proved to be worth investing in with their hunger for more gold to drive their motivation and idea of being a powerhouse of riches. People had taken raw materials and manufactured them into something more before selling for a higher price. as well as giving it BACK to the people they had initially bought the material from.

What else would've driven them to venture into the uncharted world?

Religion and Land

Since they were cut off from the world it wasn’t a surprise that the Spaniards had developed a sense of curiosity towards the prospect of another land. There was also the possibility that they would be exposed to riches and more fertile land to plant the crops they’ve previously known and are getting to know. Maybe the idea of spreading their religion invoked a curiosity about whether or not somebody would be willing to accept it and branch out upon it to eventually come full circle. Since the ideals and ideas back home was beginning to revolve more around worship it wasn’t a strange ambition to try and branch it out to more people in order to increase its popularity. It had been the spread, just as well, to put in a good word for the king in order to make people think that he was worth following and serving.

What happened to the people who were subjected to their presence?

The effects of their curiosity was that some people had actually converted to being Catholic and liking the idea of a king. The explorers had been rewarded with loyal subjects and gifts for their presence alone. The negative effects, however, were that the men had taken advantages of their discovery and actually took them as slaves to show their results as well as making the natives work for the in order to get more gold than they already had. Afterwards the contact between the explorers and the king had become more faded with the time it took to send and receive messages. In turn it made it so the natives were being killed in mass numbers and treated unfairly without anyone really stepping in due to the delayed times it took for things to go back and worth. After a massive downgrade in the numbers it had been suspected that about three hundred natives were still alive, while a whopping three million were presumed dead.
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