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Monte Skelton is a multi-instrumentalist educator and performer based in Evansville, a city located in Southern Indiana. Skelton plays over 25 different instruments, and teaches close to 50 lessons per week.

Monte’s solo performance uses live looping technology, which involves playing parts of a song sequentially, gradually building sounds until his song is built with multiple instruments.

Skelton is known for playing and collaborating with a great deal of musicians, including his group Team Skelton, jazz group the Keith Farny Jazz Collective, duos Loops & Rhythms and M&J, and local groups Morgan Donahue and the Left of Center Players and Bokeh Big Band.

He’s also played with the Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra, Owensboro Symphony Orchestra, legends The Temptations, and performed an opening show for Robert Cray and John Legend.

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