Wegmans The super - market

They sell loads of produce, from vegetables to meats, and even have a food bar

Food Bar = $9.49 / lb

Gatorade = $7.99 / 216 fl oz

Wegmans has expanded so far in to all parts of New England, but not farther than that
They even use billboards to promote themselves

Pre - made food at the food bar

High quality food and produce

Nice, attractive store layout

Kind managers and cashiers

Diverse Employees

Relatively small parking lot

Bulk food eventually leads to obesity

Sub Bar overpriced + not tasty

Overall expensive items

Bad customer support

Expand past New England (Nationally + Internationally)

Create chain of food trucks to get food bar / products out into streets

People won't like food bar internationally (Different tastes)

Other companies in other countries already have monopoly

Hard to get into food truck business

Other companies with food bars



Same products / services as Wegmans

No online store to check prices

Also located in New England area

Also use billboards and ads to promote themselves

Very inexpensive items / produce

Lots of food bars: Sushi, Olives, Cheese, etc

Large parking lot

Good customer service + employees

Claims of bad meat

Not highest health department rating

Medium quality food

Confusing website

Can also expand internationally and nationally (Not just New England)

Increase prices = More profits / Money

People will not like the higher prices (reason they shop is low prices)

Lots of competition around them


I like Wegmans more for a few reasons. One being that they overall have better pricing for their items so that people want to buy them yet they are not so low that it seems like it is bad quality items. This leads into its better quality products which attracts customers. Furthermore, I really like the way their store is organized; easy for customers to find the items they need. Lastly, they have an enormous market to expand to, since everyone loves a food bar, and it would be so successful in other parts of the US and world. GO SHOP AT WEGMANS, NOT STAR MARKET!!!

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