Heathly Tacos

History about Tacos

In the article, “Where Did the Taco Came From?” by Katy June, explains the word taco and how the dish tacos came to the United States.The taco origin word itself came from the 18 century and the silver mines in Mexico because the word “taco” means little chargers. It was used for excavated the ore. In these mines they use little pieces of paper that was wrap around the gunpowder and insert the holes. It would look like a taco; they said it was a chicken taquito, which is a little taco. In 1905, the world would see the taco as a street food and there is was a lot of taqueria, which is people sale food on the streets for a living. Now everyone see tacos as a tradition mexican food that is important. The way I see tacos is a delicious dish that anyone can eat and enjoy with friends or families.


My main message is to show and teach people there is a way to eat healthy tacos. The four different genre of writing it's showing how to eat healthy tacos and encourage others to try something new. The short story “Tacos High Pressure” is example you can eat healthy. The image it shows how good homemade tacos look. The Instagram lost post is encouraging people to try something new. Creating a homemade recipe will help anyone to be healthy.

In my short story “Tacos High Pressure” I created a character that loves tacos. But she got really sick. The doctor told her had to be more healthy. She learn how to make healthy tacos and teach others in her community.

The image is a picture of homemade tacos. I am showing people that this tacos look as good just like the ones we but in food trucks and fast food places. The only thing this tacos are healthy and they are easy to make.

I used Instagram and my passion for photography to express my love for tacos and encourage people to make them at home. In my photography account I explained, we can still enjoy tacos in the same as going out to buying them. There is no need to take them out of your meals. Also I am encouraging people to try something new.

I made a recipe on how to make healthy tacos at home. It's a easy recipe that anyone can make. Also it doesn't take a long time to make it. The best part this recipe teach others to have a healthily life.

Throughout this project I learned that I can connect my passion with writing. I create a message to all people that is possible to eat healthy traditions dishes. This knowledge support my reading and future and writing in the future by knowing the different genre types of writing and reading. Also knowing how to read them and making my life easy.

Tacos High Pressure

By: Maria Viramontes

There was a teen name Maria who loves tacos. For Maria ,tacos are her only true love. She would always eat tacos from different places and food trucks. All these tacos are good and wouldn't get her bored of it. This love for tacos grew bigger and bigger. Maria would eat tacos for breakfast, lunch and dinner almost everyday.

(4 days later not eating tacos)

One time she woke up really sick and her mom was worried. They went to the doctor to get check up. Maria and her mom were waiting for the doctor to call them up. While Maria was waiting she was sad and scared because she was worried won't eat tacos again.

The moment is here, the doctor calls them in. Maria is freaking out, not knowing what to feel. The doctor is doing some exams to see what is wrong with Maria.

20 mins later ……

The doctor has a worried face. The doctor said, “ Maria you have this disease call tacos high pressure. Everyone was in shock because no one had heard about this disease. There is no way to cure this sickness. The doctor told Maria to not stop eating tacos because that will be a big risk in her life. She just need to eat healthy tacos.

The next day Maria and her mom went shopping for healthy ingredients to make tacos. Everyday maria and her mom would look for different ways to make healthy tacos so she won't get sick again. For the rest of her life she has learn how to make healthy tacos. Also She teaches others how to have to make good tacos that are healthy.

How to make health tacos?


1 pound beef

¾ onions

¾ cilantro

½ Grape seed oil

3 Lemons

2 pinches of salt

Tortillas small or big and how many tacos you will eat

Seasoning for beef

1. Washing the meat for about 3 minutes. If is not cut into little pieces, then cut it. Then put little seasoning, onions and salt to bring the flavor.

2. Get a big pot powerd some ½ grape seed oil and let it get warm for about 5 minutes. Once the oil is warm put in the meat. Let it cook for about 20 minutes.

3. While the meat is cooking cut the onions and cilantro into little pieces. Also wash the 3 lemons and cut them into 4 pieces. Once is everything is cut put in a big bowl.

4. Check on the meat if is brown not red anymore and move it around to make sure the meat is cooked. Once is the meat ready, warm up as many you want tortillas for your tacos.

5. The tortilla is nice and warm put the meat. Then onions and cilantro as much you want. Add some lemon and chile. Time to eat homemade tacos.How to make health tacos?

The image is a picture of homemade tacos. I am showing people that this tacos look as good just like the ones we but in food trucks and fast food places. The only thing this tacos are healthy and they are easy to make.

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