Dress Up, Speak Up: Costume and Confrontation by LaKenya Furr

This exhibit displayed various works of art by many different artists. Just to name a few: Andre Leon Grey, Shonibare, Kaphar, Searie, Nick Cave, Frohawk Two Feathers, and many more. If I were asked to describe the exhibit in one word I would describe it as breathtaking. Each piece was different and created differently. I feel that the artists in this exhibit exemplified not only themselves but the social and political changes throughout history.

Dress Up, Stand Up evokes your deepest emotions because of it’s artistic beauty. The pieces within this exhibition are astounding in its sense of symbolism because every piece stands for something whether it be social/political issues, , culture, or tradition. Out of the entire exhibit, my favorite piece was The Costume of Painter (2006), by Korean artist Bae Joonsung. This image is a lenticular print of a painting and it’s my favorite because of the transformation that can be seen if you step to the side. At first glance you see a woman but if you move slightly to the side, you’re looking at a completely different painting and tells a completely different story. Overall this exhibit captured beauty, strength, and empowerment.

Welcome to 21C Museum Hotel located in Durham, NC!
Meet your daytime hostess at 21C, Brittani Hubbard!
The entry to the first exhibit.
The exhibition statement about the exhibit.
(Left to right): Portrait 1: Dawn (2009), was made with lambda print; Portrait 1: Dusk (2009), was made with gelatin silver print. Both of these paintings were created by a Dutch artist by the name of Erwin Olaf.
Porcelain Promises (2009). These photographs were mounted on aluminum by Israeli artist Drew Tal.
Frohawk Two Feathers: I Haven't Thought About My Own Reward, I Didn't Really Come Here on My Accord (1792, 2012) by Morgan Lehman. This painting was made with acrylic, coffee, ink, and tea on paper.
The Costume of Painter (2006) is a lenticular print of a painting made by Korean artist, Bae Joonsung.

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