Art, Technology and Sport keep me bound to my school Kick off Meeting, Istanbul 24-28 October 2016

  • Ice Breaking: Let's Intoduce ourselves to get to know one another
  • Our Project:

Definition This Project aims to use Art, Technology and Sport as tools to prevent Early School Leaving, School Failure, enhance the self confidence and the auto estimation, make school more atractive etc

KA2 - Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices

Strategic Partnerships for Schools Only

Applicant Organization Full Legal Name: 3o ΓΥΜΝΑΣΙΟ ΕΛΕΥΣΙΝΑΣ

Project Title: Art, Technology and Sport keep me bound to my School

Project Code: 2016-1-EL01-KA219-023728


Scoring: 89,00/100

Quality Thresholds attained? Yes, the project passes all thresholds



The project/strategy is relevant with the objectives and priorities of the effort, as it attempts to encounter with the early dropout of students from school via Art, Technology and Sports. The objectives of the project are clear a realistic they can be achieved through various innovative activities especially designed for the needs of the project. The choice of the theme is based both on scientific facts and on related research needs.


The proposal is distinguished by very good formation and planning. There are discrete phases of program development and realistic timetable. The methodology that was chosen is appropriate and largely takes into account the existing knowledge and practice. These activities are particularly interesting, but the targets could be achieved with a smaller number of transnational movements and thus to achieve greater cost and produced result relatedness. The very good evaluation plan, covering all phases of the project and the use of multiple tools to achieve it are among the strengths of the project.


The choice of the group of the partners is shown fully documented and related to the theme, structure, objectives and the philosophy of the project. The planning and assigning roles and actions of the partners are presented with relevance. There is a new partner in the program and he is well justified and linked to it. There is a reference to the risk of management and to the resolving of the potential problems. Emphasis is given on effective communication and successful and functional assignment of roles and actions to the partners.


The partnership clearly refers to the impact and the project diffusion processed both locally and internationally. The methods and actions proliferation measures and the educational material that is produced is realistic and will add value to stakeholders in the educational community and the local community of the nations that participate in the project. The sustainability of the project, equipment, innovations and the impact could be enhanced with new and more detailed proposals.


This specific proposal is documented, complete and clear both in connection with the European Union’s Priorities (Supporting Schools to tackle early school leaving –ESL- and disadvantage) and with targeting as well as selection and organization partners, actions and training produced project. The added value is recognized in the proposal and supported the presentation of innovative actions and material. The idea of selecting subjects of Art, Technology and Sports is excellent for strengthening the students’ interest. Moreover, the choice of the partners and cooperation structures is sufficiently structured and documented while enhancing the quality of the project. The activities that have been selected can be accomplished with a smaller number of motilities without affecting the quality of the project. The impact of the project is expected to be important for all of the partners.

A fairly well organized project evaluation and dissemination of results is guaranteed heavily on the overall success of the project.


  • Regarding the Contract
  • The Project shall run between 01-09-2016 and 31-08-2018 both inclusive.
  • We are allowed to transfer up to 20% of the funds allocated for Project

management and implementation to the Learning/teaching/training activities

30-9-2017 is the deadline for the Mid-Term Evaluation Report ( Maybe it will be summited online in the Mobility Tool).

  • 31-10-2018 will be the deadline for the Final Report. The coordinator shall complete a final report in Mobility Tool on
  • the implementation of the Project, and upload all project results in the programme

Dissemination Platform. This report will contain information from all the activities.

  • A calendar of all the dissemination events and all the activities would be usefull

Budget Management

Every month we have an amount of money 250 euro for the partner school and 500 for the coordinator ( included also the summer months) that we can spend. By the end of the Project we must have spent all the amount, so we will request the rest of the money.

In the TRASNATIONAL MEETINGS every person can spend 575 or 750 depending on the distance:

  • Cerification of attendance
  • List of participants
  • Agenda of the meeting and
  • any printed material delivered in the meeting

In the LEARNING ACTIVITIES the grant for every participant is 275 or 360 depending on the distance

  • Cerification of attendance
  • List of participants
  • Total amount of persons
  • We shall obtain the Parental/Guardian consent for participants of minor age prior to their participation in any mobility activity.
  • creative commons in music and pictures used in our material, p;e
  • permision from parents their children to appear in web pages

The final report, products and outputs will be assessed by the NA, using a common set of quality criteria focusing on:

o The extent to which the project was implemented in line with the approved grant application

o The quality of activities undertaken and their consistency with the project objectives

o The quality of the products and outputs produced

o The learning outcomes and impact on participants

o The extent to which the project proved to be innovative/complementary to other initiatives

o The extent to which the project proved to add value at EU level

o The extent to which the project implemented effective quality measures as well as measures for evaluating the project's outcomes

o The impact on the participating organisations

o In case of learning, teaching and training activities: the quality of the practical arrangements provided in support of the mobility, in terms of preparation, monitoring and support to participants during their mobility activity, the quality arrangements for the recognition/validation of the learning outcomes of participants


o The quality and scope of the dissemination activities undertaken

o The potential wider impact of the project on individuals and organisations beyond the beneficiaries

Responsibilities and Obligations of the coordinator, Facilitate the procedures, keep in contact the partnership, monitoring the deadlines and the evolution of the Project according to the application, be there for anything that comes up and need special attendance

Responsibilities and Obligations of partners.  Dissemination events, Quality in the offering Learning Activities, Respect the timeline of activities and the most important: Collaborate, Communicate, Interchange and Share Ideas and Practices.

Websites, Local press, etc.

Definition of the Activities

Timeline of the Activities & Implementation

Final Products

  • Logo
  • Activities Digital e-book (p.e issuu)
  • Robotics Products
  • Garden book p. e
  • Sport Championship magazine
  • Video Concert, Concert

Learning Activities: Discussion on the possibility to travel more people by paying their ticket and stay in families, or find a provider

  • Target group of students
  • Criteria of eligibility
  • Evaluation forms: For students and teachers
  • Etwinning Platform

Mobility Tool

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