National school day for 7th graders and 7th grade teachers By aliyah hardin

I think that kids shouldn't go to school because sometimes it's hard for them to consentrate and It's sometimes hard for them to function all the work ecspecially on fridays which means we have to walk to every signal class from class to class which makes it harder. I think that you should pick this day because every 7th grader gets a day off school and so does the 7th grade teachers. The 7th grade kids and 7th grade teachers get a day off school on January 1st.

7th graders and 7th grade teachers at North Newton should get a day off school don't you think. I mean ecspecially the 7th grade teachers need a break they come to school everyday just to help all the kids out and some of the kids aren't respectful enough to understand that so I think that all the 7th graders and 7th grade teachers should all get a day off school it would be very helpful for them and everyone else ecspecially to the kids parents and if the kids are car riders and if the kids miss the bus the parents don't have to drive them because there's no school.

Well since there's no school everything would be so much easier than having to wake up so early just to go to school some of the 7th graders and the 7th grade teachers are kinda getting tired of it if you pick this day you would love if you don't pick this day then you don't know what your missing out on trust me this day will be awesome I promise if you pick the day you won't regret it.

If you pick this day you won't regret it it's very helpful for this day ecspecially if one of the kids are having lots of stress and they don't wanna go to school this could help them a lot or even if one of the teachers can make it to school or something there's no school so there's no need to worry! If you choose this day I promise you won't regret even thinking about this day.

If you choose this day this will be an awesome day and you will probably never forget it, and why would you wake up on January 1st to go to school but why when there's no school. I think that if you pick this day you can always remember that on January 1st we will never have school no matter what and even for the 7th grade teachers. If you pick this day not a day in your life will you regret it. On January 1st you can go anywhere you want you can go shopping you can go to the mall you can go to restaurants and everywhere else this is the day that I picked and I hope you pick this day.

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