Ellis Island By: Ethan Parrott

There were many purposes of moving to the U.S. and some were: Persecution, family members living in America, and jobs. The foreigners called Ellis Island hope.

Even though Ellis Island look like hope people were still turned away. Immigrants had to pass a physical exam. On one exam they used a buttonhook to turn eyelids inside out. They were checking for Trachoma, an eye disease.

The were cons about Ellis Island. One con was that there were over 250,000 immigrants were sent back because they failed to pass the tests. Another con was that some people that were sick had to stay in a hospital until they are eligible to go in to America. A third con was that people who they weren't quite sure about letting them in America had to stay in detention as in held there.

There many pros of Ellis Island. One is that if you were eligible to go in you were more likely to get a job. Another was that there was no religious persecution. A third pro is that you were most likely to learn about other cultures.

Daily life for the people that were stuck on Ellis Island were bad. Even thought they don't have freedom they are still fed which could be better than some of their old countries. It was still pretty bad though. They had to sleep in pens that were to small for all of them. They were also very cold a night.

This is a statue of Annie Moore and brothers. When Annie Moore arrived on Ellis Island it was her fifteenth birthday. She was the first Irish person to step foot on Ellis Island.

An interesting fact that can also be sad is that children could be separated from their mother.

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