Homeless Education By: Julia Kawalkowski, Caitlin draftz, and Darcy mcqueeny

Our mission is to advance the education of homeless youth and teach them to be more productive citizens.

Our purpose is to provide schooling and support for children in need. We can not blame the homeless children for being in this situation. So they deserve the education they need in order to grow up to be an educated human. They also need to be given the same respect that other children with homes have.

Homelessness affects children and families in many ways. Without schooling, homeless children are twice as likely to have learning disabilities as non-homeless children. Students who change schools due to where they are staying on the streets typically fall drastically behind in their classes, (about four to six months). This also impedes a child's ability to make stable relationships with adults and other peers outside the immediate family. Without a stable learning environment they are twice as likely to have emotional disturbances as well.

Children who are homeless score lower than their peers on tests and quizzes. The children have hopes and dreams to fulfill but without education they can not fulfill them. By helping the homeless children we can prevent disabilities and academic failure. We can help them go on the right path toward their dream job.

All children and students have the right to a free and appropriate education. Our organization works to help students enroll and get the help they need to be successful young adults. Even if their parents don have the resources to give them everything they need, were here to make it possible for children to do everything all other children can do. We will train social workers and school counselors to be equip to help with children who come from the streets. They might not know how to do homework because they can barely afford a pencil, or transportation to the school. We will make it so school buses are available at nearest stops around high homeless populations. We will give them packages with multiple items of school supplies so they are able to do their work when they go to school and when they go back home to their families. Everyone deserves the best opportunity to a better life and were here to make that happen.

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