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Doris Bergens's house burning Analogy

Dry timber

  • Antisemitism- hostility to or prejudice against Jews
  • Eugenics- the science of improving a human population by controlled breeding to increase the occurrence of desirable heritable characteristics.
  • Each of these are examples of the "dry timer" because antisemitism and eugenics are things that have been going on for a while. Like dry timber, these things that kinda start a "fire".


To start a fire you need some sort of spark or flame, and Hitler is the "spark" to start this fire. Hitler is the spark because we is the thing that actually started everything, like starting the elimination, and he got everybody following him, which made the fire even bigger.

Favorable Weather

The favorable weather is World War 1 because Hitler used the war to sort of "hide" the Holocaust. He also used it to make the Holocaust to happen.

Key Understandings

"The Holocaust refers to a specific genocidal event in twentieth-century history: the state sponsored, systematic persecution and annihilation of Europen Jewry by Nazi Germany and its collaborators between 1933 and 1945. Jews were the primary victims — 6 million were murdered; Gypsies, the handicapped, and Poles were also targeted for destruction or decimation for racial, ethnic, or national reasons. Millions more, including homosexuals, Jehovah's Witnesses, Soviet prisoners of war, and political dissidents, also suffered grievous oppression and death under Nazi tyranny" . ~ US Holocaust Memorial Museum
  1. State Sponsored means that the government planned it and wanted it to happen.

Nuremberg Laws

Banned marriages between Jews and Aryans, to protect the German blood and honor.

Reich Citizenship Law

Reich Citizenship Law made Jews 'subjects' instead citizens, meaning that they lost certain rights


Passports are given out by the government. And the government would put the letter J on Jewish passports

2. Systematic persecution means that the government planned harassment for a specific group

How ?

  • The problem: Aryan race contaminated by mixing with other races
  • The answer: create community. People would need to be pure Aryan, be physical and mentally healthy, socially useful, and welcome to Nazism
  • Achieved by: selective breeding, and rounding up undesirables — and killing them
  • The result: The Aryan master race would make Germany a leading world power
" Places of business and apartments belonging to Jews may be destroyed but not looted. The police is instructed to supervise the observance of this order and to arrest looters." ~ Hendrich's Instructions for Kristallnacht
This sign says " Jews are not wanted here." These signs were found in many public places like parks, malls, stores, etc. And there is an obvious bullet hole in the middle of the sign. www.ushmm.org

3. Systematic Annihilation is the actual act of killing.

1 September 1941

" 5:30 Execution of the Jews detained yesterday at a site about 10Km east of Minsk, north of the Minsk-Smolensk-Moscow highway. Three execution squads were formed. The commando of Company 9 shot a total of 330 Jews (including 40 Jewesses)." ~The War Diary of Battalion

3 October 1941

" Execution of the Jews in the vicinity of the camp in the forest. 555 Jews of both sexes are shot." ~ The War Diary of Battalion

Alice Ehrmann

" When all this has disappeared from my eyes and nothing, nothing remains for me on this Earth." ~Alice Ehrmann


"At the same time, the Vichy Government actively commenced persecuting the Jewish community." ~ yadvashem.org

Primary Victims

Jews as Primary Victims

Germanic people, who were called Aryans, were supposedly the "strongest." Aryans were superior because they were smart and they had the capacity of working. So the Nazis had to take cation before the German race was so weak that they would never be able to be strong again. By doing this they eliminated the "weakest."

This map shows the synagogues that were destroyed because of Kristallnacht. www.ushmm.org
This map shows the numbers from the mass killing of Jews by the Einsatzgruppen. www. ushmm.org


" the expulsion of the Jews from the living space of the German people." ~ Wannsee Protocol Participant


"Early in the morning I went through the village in which I live. From a distance I saw a notice on the shop wall. I quickly went up to read it. The new notice said that Jews may under no circumstances travel in vehicles (the railway had long been forbidden)." ~ David Rubinowicz; March 21, 1940.
"The decree was issued that the Vilma Jewish population must put on badges front and back — a yellow circle and inside it the letter J. It is daybreak. I am looking through the window and see before me the first Vilma Jews with badges. It was painful to see how people were staring at them." Yitskhok Rudashevski; July 8, 1941.
http://www.dailywire.com/news/12896/wut-white-house-says-jews-werent-mentioned-hank-berrien. These are Jewish woman and children being lined up and separated into two groups when they arrived at the concentration camp.
These are Jewish men doing role call at a forced labor camp. http://www.businessinsider.com/r-us-judge-says-germany-seeks-philadelphia-man-accused-of-being-nazi-guard-2014-18
Jews surrendering to the SS guards because they knew if they said or did anything, they would be shot. http://keywordsuggest.org/gallery/124956.html
Jewish children in the concentration camp. http://keywordsuggest.org/gallery/124956.html
Jewish woman walking in to a forced labor camp. https://makinghistoryatmacquarie.wordpress.com/2014/11/12/where-were-all-the-jewish-women-during-the-holocaust/

Non- Jewish viCtims


The Nazis passed a "Sterilization Law" to cut out genetic defects from the German gene pool. They did this for Jews also but, it was mainly fro yeh handicapped.

Jewish handicapped men in Buchenwald after Kristallnacht. www.ushmm.org


Nazi plans for the Polish Catholic focused on the murder of political,religious, and intellectual leaders to make sure that Polish elites don't form organizations for resistance and also to exploit the Poland's leaderless, less educated majority of pheasants and workers.

Poles digging trenches in Warsaw to protect the capital against German invasion. www.ushmm.org


Homosexuals were marked with a black dot and a big "175" on the back of their jackets. And then later a pink triangle as well. Homosexuals were treated severely by the guards and inmates because of widespread biases against homosexuals. And many of them were also victims of cruel medical experiments.

"An official order incarcerating the accused in the Sachsenhausen concentration camp for committing homosexual acts." www.ushmm.org

ResCue and resistance

Resistance: Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

  • When: April 19, 1943- May 16, 1943
  • Who: Jewish fighting organization (ZOB)
  • What: reports of mass murder in summer 1942 got back to the ghetto and survivors of the underground ghetto joined together in armed resistance
  • How: the survivors had been smuggling arms and submarine guns, rifles, and pistols, and handmade hand grenades
  • Impact: it inspired future resistance in other ghettos. It was also the most famous and dramatic

Rescue: Miep Gies

Miep Gies helped save Anne, Margot, Otto and Edith Frank, as well as Hermann, Auguste, and Peter Van Pels. She kept the families hidden for two years and when they were arrested, she wasn't because of her strong Viennese accent. She also tried to get them released but, the SS officers said no. She found Anne's diary, and after the war, when Otto came back, Miep gave him the diary and then he later published it, and now it is the most known Holocaust story.

An official order incarcerating the accused in the Sachsenhausen concentration camp for committing homosexual acts.

Lessons of thE holocaust

I think the Holocaust is very important to learn about because I think it was one of the most significant events from the 1900s. I also think it's important so then we make sure that that event never happens again. I think some of the most important lesson is that Jews weren't the only victims. I think it is very important to rember that there were many other religions, groups, a beliefs that were affected also. I think that everybody should know that the Holocaust was a very significant event from our worlds history. And because of this event, we can change the future.

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