The history of origami By:joaquin antonio zapata

Origami has been around for a long time, but a lot of people have questioned who really made it. I have made this post to find out who really was the creater of origami

The person who was most appreciated in the origami arts was a man called Yoshizawa Akira. He was Japanese and was born in 1911. He came up with many new designs to stray from the older more original models. He was married in 1938 and died in 2005.

how ever good yoshizawa was the credit of the creation of origami goes to Ts'ai Lun of china. In the year A.D. 105 paper folding was introduced to Japan by Buddhist monks.

The most recognized piece of origami that i know has to be the origami crane. As in when ever i think of origami i think of that crane.

this is a simple origami Japanese crane

people have started to get a little crazy with their origami by making it GIANT, small or even making it move sometimes.

the one on the bottom right is NASA's new folding radiator.


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