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A comic is a group of panels meant to represent a story. Essentially, it is a cheaper version of book. Yep, It’s a good, 50 cent way to get your Reading obsessed hands on a story. Whether it’s Superman, or Nonliving Nonsense, or Calvin and Hobbes, we all have read one at some point. Today I, a comic writer, illustrator, and everything else an artist who works on comics would need, Shall explain all the basics.

Genre Jam

As I said earlier, a comic is pretty much a cheaper version of a book. A genre is the type of book a book is replicating. Action, mystery, and HORROR are a few examples. You can replicate this in comics. Yeah, you could do the genres I named, but there is much more. However, there are a few more genres when you do comics. Since it goes against the rules of reading a little bit, you can be more creative. Or you could do a more… say… Feminine. This genre, dear readers, is known as….. MANGA. The ultimate way to get anime fans into reading. (Nintendo is even in on it with Pokemon and other franchises.) Manga is the weird cutesy and girly, but over the years, it’s proven to be pretty popular, so it’s not a bad idea to do this. Oh, anime is essentially everything I put in for manga, but it’s animated. But now we are going off the rails of the topic train. So back to genres, yeah, manga is popular, there are tons of genres, here is a complete list of genres for your reading pleasure.



Pretty much every genre that exists for normal books.

(I have a point.)

Pens, Pencils, Erasers, Oh My!

The tools you use for a comic vary on the format. For a standard, Sunday Strip style, usually use a pen/pencil, and use colored pencils for color. For a superhero comic, draw a person and do some cell shading to make it a bit less gritty. Markers are more handy for this if you want to do outlines. If it is a dark and gritty one, then use everything I named. But, sometimes, you need color. Color sets the mood of the comic. Like for a calm and happy comic, lots of color would be a great idea. And that is exactly what I did with my comic.

Comic Result Inc.

A comic works in a strange way… It has the feeling of a story,

But for a Sunday Strip, Just take a story that you have experienced familiar to you and add humor. The formula still can change, but those were just two examples. Sometimes media other than comics can be turned into a comic, So you follow the formula of the show or video game. Then you are following the creator’s work, and you are making it accurate to the source material. Just, do it with the owner’s permission, okay?

Win on the Web

Can you do a comic on the Internet? HECK YES! But there is a pretty huge downside. IT CANNOT BE A FULL BOOK (It can, but no one would read that. -Brendan Orr). This is where the whole Sunday Strip thing comes into play, and getting your comic out of the pen and paper market can happen. Sites that encourage this include Tumblr, Reddit, Ifunny, and the main website for the web comics… DEVIANTART. However, you could get some dislikes, but we won't dive into that. There is another downside to this though. It may or may not take you longer to do a comic. Yes, you can use programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Paint, or just pretty much anything on a drawing tablet. Doing this gets you criticism o’ plenty to help make edits to your work, or to keep some things the same. Also do not plagiarize. ‘Felt like mentioning that just so you don’t get into a mishap… The Internet is a harsh place….

SOOOOO….. Have you done all this yet? Did you succeed in making a successful series? After all, this was what I made it for, not for people to read and forget about. ANYWAY, now that you have succeeded in the comic industry, (If not, use my favorite online resource that I will link to, and it is kid friendly) you are on your own now. Good luck. You might need it.


A Good Example
Another Good Example


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