Centrolene the future-ready network

Centrolene is named after a very interesting South American glass frog, who’s organs are visible through its translucent skin. When you look at the frog you can see all its organs inside its body. Just like this frog, Centrolene provides visibility into the workings of your business – our technology lets you see what is going on and turns all the data floating around in a company into useful information that lets you make better and faster decisions.
2 things that freight forwarders need to take their businesses to next level "POWERFUL PARTNERSHIP CONNECTED BY POWERFUL TECHNOLOGY"

Centrolene Network is a membership based organization that brings together ambitious freight forwarders with a commitment to innovation, efficiency and growth. By deploying the C-Suite across the Centrolene Network, each member effectively transforms itself from a local player to a global one, with the ability to offer a standard of service and visibility that outperforms larger industry players.

Centrolene is a company dedicated to technological innovation in the logistics industry. Centrolene is changing the way the industry operates by developing a complete ecosystem of technology solutions that small and mid-sized companies use to outperform their multinational competition.


To create a world-class global network powered by technology that delivers greater visibility, connectedness, efficiencies and opportunities for professionals in the logistics and supply chain management industry.


Centrolene Network’s goal is to cause an information revolution in the world of global logistics. We will achieve this by creating the industry’s most powerful technology-focused network. Through our commitment to technology we will make our members the drivers of change that others must follow.

Our Network

Centrolene Network gives you the tools to win more business. In partnership with other members, and working through our shared technology platform you will have the strength to compete with the world’s largest freight forwarders.

Different Level of Membership: Red, Silver, Gold and Platinum
Centrolene Network reinvents the freight-forwarder network and brings it up to date. We offer a range of global membership base of companies with a proven track record and a desire for growth and success. Our members share a belief that technology is the key to beating the competition.

Centrolene's C-Suite Technology - It is the first fully integrated solution for the logistics industry and a platform for members to do business with each other and their customers. Each module has been designed by industry professionals to meet the specific needs of freight forwarders. The C-Suite is fully integrated so each module works seamlessly with the others. And transferring data between your existing operational system. Complimentary access to C-Link, the communication tools that link you to other members.


Centrolene’s Financial Protection Program (C-Guard) - Gives you peace of mind, security and confidence when doing business with another member.


Events - While we believe in technology, we also know there is no substitute for personal relationships. That’s why Centrolene Network invites its members to come together at two major events each year. These events are all about extending your personal network, deepening your relationships with your partners and securing new business opportunities for your business.


Insurance and Claim Management - As a member of the Centrolene Network you will be able to enjoy competitive transport and forwarder insurance under the network’s umbrella policies.


Service Center - Centrolene Network has established its own service centre in Cebu in the Philippines. Members can choose to have Centrolene’s service centre provide back office support to help them save on the costs of documentation processing.


Training - Centrolene Network provides you with the training tools you need to get the most out of the C-Suite technology. We will also show you how to use the power of C-Suite to sell it to your own customer base.


C-Pay - Transfer to or receive money from other members for free, saving you real money that otherwise would be lost to bank fees and charges. Instead of using your bank’s online portal, simply use C-Pay and start enjoying fee-free fund transfers between Centrolene Network members. More details will be shared.

What makes C-Suite different?

C-Suite solves the problem of trying to integrate multiple pieces of software into your business.

Until the development of C-Suite, freight forwarders have relied on multiple applications by different developers in order to meet their technology needs.

Now with the C-Suite, all your needs are available in one software solution. The modules fully integrate into each other to create a seamless and comprehensive technology ecosystem.

Centrolene’s C-Suite is a cloud-based system (SaaS) using the platform and infrastructure provided Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure has industry-leading security measures and privacy policies which have been independently verified.


Uses today’s modern technology to make your relationships with your agents faster and simpler. You can find the right person in the right country and connect with them in real-time. It makes doing business on the Centrolene Network fun and efficient.

• C-Us • C-Me • C-Chat • C-Mail



With this pricing tool, the manual work of seeking and analyzing prices is replaced by a streamlined and efficient system that gets you the prices you need quickly – and sometimes even instantly.

• Faster turn-around on rate requests • Complete visibility of the status of quotes • Eliminating manual data entry and comparisons • Higher profitability through benchmarking and access to historical rates • High volume and expiration alerts • Analytics such as hit ratios and mark-up intelligence


Connects your existing data in your current system with C-Tower and C-Quest. That way you can quickly plug-in and power-up your business with C-Suite.



Module that gives you a customer relationship management (CRM) solution designed specifically for our industry’s needs. Manage all your customers, partners and leads in one place, so you can pursue new leads and close more deals.

• Increased sales team productivity and efficiency • Stronger and more profitable customer relationships • Reduced costs • Increase customer satisfaction • Easy access to lead intelligence • Seeing a complete view of your customer interactions • Improved sales reporting • Budget vs Reality (profit) • Sales commission planning and calculation • Sales team or individual sales performance


Module that gives your company a customer-facing solution that makes you technologically superior to any multinational freight forwarder. With C-Tower you will win more business because you can offer the best service. Your customers will access C-Tower’s end-to-end visibility and analytics through your website.

• Customer Interface • Lane Watch • Carrier Utilization • Tracking • Alerts • Reporting • E-Dox



A better way to manage all your contracts, rates and agreements with carriers. This includes rates and space allocation agreements as well as self-designed products such as consolidation services.

• Global visibility to all rates • Analysis • Product design / definition • Carrier Management

SCMProfit Compatibility

The Centrolene C-Suite is fully compatible with the industry’s leading and most modern operational software, SCMProfit. SCMProfit is specifically designed for use in the logistics and SCM industries. Its modules include global freight management for sea, air and land shipments, warehousing and distribution, order management and global visibility. It is a state of the art integrated product that addresses the complex problems faced by all players in global supply chain management.
For more information or demo request, please visit www.centrolene-network.com or email support@centrolene.com

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