RCMS Band Concert of Movie Themes

Our concert journey begins with the 6th grade band performing the opening theme music from Star Wars. The music was originally written by composer John Williams, a prolific writer of movie music who has written music for over 50 movies including: Jaws, Home Alone, Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park, E.T., Superman, and Hook.
Band starts in 6th grade at RCMS, and this group started playing together about 7 months ago.
The second and final song performed by the 6th grade band is We Will Rock You, from the rock group Queen, and featured in the new movie Bohemian Rhapsody, depicting the life of lead singer Freddy Mercury.
The second ensemble to perform this evening is the X Block Band. The X Block band is a group of 6th-8th grade students who have volunteered to meet about 15 extra class periods to put together one song that is extra challenging for the sixth graders, called The Magic of Harry Potter, arranged by Michael Story.
The Magic of Harry Potter contains the following sections from the Harry Potter series: "Hedgwig's Theme," "Nimbus 2000," "Fawkes the Phoenix," "Double Trouble," "Hogwart's Hymn," "Dumbledore's Army," "Harry and Hermione," "Ministry of Magic," "Showdown," and "Leaving Hogwarts."
Next the 7th/8th grade band will begin their portion of tonight's performance with Transformers (Soundtrack Highlights)  arranged by Michael Brown.
The piece features themes from the first Transformers movie. In the order that you will hear them, they are "Autobots," "Sam at the Lake," and "Bumblebee."
Selections from The Dark Knight, arranged by Douglas E. Wagner features three themes from the series The Dark Knight. They are: "Harvey Two-Face," "Introduce a Little Anarchy," and "A Dark Knight."
Program Notes (written by the arranger): This medley of excerpts from the monumental Hans Zimmer/James Newton Howard score to The Dark Knight, the long-awaited sequel to Batman Begins, opens with gothic sonorities that give way to themes associated with the complex character of district attorney Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart). In an abrupt change of mood, the chase is on as The Joker (Heath Ledger) continues his well-orchestrated spree of mass mayhem and murder. Rounding out the arrangement, Batman himself (Christian Bale) leaves his mark as Gotham City's silent sentinel.
Selections from Godzilla, arranged by Michael Story contains sections titled "Godzilla! (Main Title Theme)," "The Power Plant," "Golden Gate Chaos," and "Back to the Ocean."
Highlights From "The Wizard of Oz" features several familiar melodies. After a few seconds of "Over the Rainbow," we hear "Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead......
.....followed by "If I Only Had a Brain,"
"We're Off To See the Wizzard,"
.....and finally, "Over the Rainbow."
Next we start the final portion of the concert with the Symphonic Band. The Symphonic Band is an honor band that meets at 7:00 AM daily. Membership is by audition. The RCMS Symphonic Band is one of the top middle school concert bands in the state and regularly receives perfect first superior ratings at state contest. Just last month the band earned a perfect score in the 2019 state contest.
Join the Symphonic Band as they journey through time with the iconic theme from "Back to the Future."
Featuring more themes from John Williams, Selections From Indiana Jones Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, arranged by Michael Story, contains the sections "The Spell of the Skull," "Raiders March," "Call of the Crystal," and "Journey to Akator."
The RCMS Saxophone Quartet, from left to right, is Kyle Rennier, Ryan Zhu, Josephine Donaldson, and Evin Irvin. Tonight they are playing "Bohemian Rhapsody," by the legendary rock group Queen. The song was first made popular in the 1980's film Wayne's World, and was recently the title of a new film featuring the music of Queen and the life of lead singer Freddy Mercury.
The Magnificent Seven, music by Elmer Bernstein, arranged by Michael Story. Taken from the director's score: "Program Notes: From the epic 1960 western, and featured in the soundtrack to the 2016 remake, comes one of the greatest movie themes ever written."
This beautiful melody starts off very mysteriously and hauntingly, and then quickly turns to the frightening theme "The Phantom of the Opera." After the tenor saxophones hold out a single long note, this leads to "Think of Me," then "Angel of Music" in 6/8 time. This is followed by "The Music of the Night," and ends very softly and longingly.
Danny Elfman is another well-known composer of several movie titles. This piece features three of the movies that he wrote for, and is titled Danny Elfman: Music in the Dark. It starts with music from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas.
This is followed by a dark and flowing melody from Edward Scissorhands."
This is followed very suddenly by the upbeat theme from Beetlejuice.
And the program ends dramatically with a bold theme from Spider Man.

Thank you for attending tonight's concert!

Congratulations to the RCMS Music Department for recently being awarded through the NAMM Foundation's Best Communities For Music Education program for the fourth year! This is a national award that is only given out to just under 100 individual schools across the United States.

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