Letters From Wolfie BY: Patti Sherlock

Comparing and contrasting: letters from wolfie & cracker the best dog in vietnam
LetterS from wolfie

Letters from Wolfie by Patti Sherlock is about a young boy named Mark and his dog Wolfie. Mark's older brother Danny goes off to the vietnam war as a solider. When Danny writes back that the war is in need of war dogs, Mark bravely offers his dog for the part. After Wolfie is gone Mark begins to wonder how long Wolfie has to stay in Vietnam to serve before he gets to come back home. Mark is informed that once dogs are donated they are equipment and do not get sent back home. After hearing about this Mark plans a protest so big that the army will have to change the rules.

Cracker the best dog in vietnam

In the book Cracker the Best Dog in Vietnam by Cynthia a young boy named Willie is forced to give up his german shepherd dog Cracker when his family can no longer keep him in the apartment. Cracker is sent to Vietnam and has a difficult time bonding with her handler Rick. Eventually Rick and Cracker become the best team in Vietnam. When on a secret mission Rick is injured and flown away while Cracker is left behind. Cracker searches for hours and hours looking for Rick. Cracker is eventually found by some other men on a base and put in a kennel. Hours later one of Rick's best army buds spots Cracker and Rick is given a call as he is heading home from recovery.

How the two books were different?

I noticed several things that were different between the two books. The main difference between the two books was in Letters from Wolfie the point of view was from the boy who sent his dog away's perspective, however in Cracker the Best Dog in Vietnam the perspective was of the dog and his handler in training at Vietnam. For another thing Letters from Wolfie Mark's dog was donated, while in Cracker the Best dog in Vietnam Willie's dog had to be sent away.

How the books were similar?

The two books Letters from Wolfie and Cracker the Best Dog in Vietnam had similar storylines. Both books main plots revolved around dogs in the Vietnam war. The books both had the same tention filled plot about whether or not the war dog was going to get to return to his family, go home with his handler, or not go home at all. Both of the books had similar themes that were important parts of the story. It was interesting to see the differences and similarities between the books. The different authors both were able to add their writing style to the pages giving the books character.

Book recommendaton

If you liked the book Cracker the Best Dog in Vietnam then try the book Letters from Wolfie. These two books have similarities and differences that are interesting for the reader as they read. Both of the stories had a great amount of depth behind them that bring out a true message and you feel many emotions that are expressed in the story. Both stories are action packed but still touching and heartfelt. I would definitely recommend both of these books to any interested reader.

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