Bus boycott By: Alex Wu

Modern Inequality

The ban on immigrants. The president Donald Trump has set a law in motion that bad immigrants from coming to the united states.

Background Info

Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a white individual and therefore she got arrested because whites got priority for seats. It angered the black community so they decided,to not ride the buses because the rules were not equal so they didn't ride the buses and walked everywhere until they got what they wanted. So therefore the bus companies lost business because African Americans refused to ride the bus all because of Rosa Parks being arrested for refusing to give up her seat.

Who was involved?

African Americans were involved- people such as Rosa Parks (the person that lead the bus boycott). People who are against segregation in general (mainly African American individuals as they were the ones who refused to ride the bus)- didn’t matter if they were male or female- they all came together to protest equal rights on the buses.

Obstacles they had to overcome

African Americans mainly had to face segregation against the rest of the country. They were treated unfairly and had to learn to deal with it… for example, African Americans did not get as good of jobs as would white Americans would. During the protest, they had to deal with not only segregation(segregation laws), but the city as they refused to comply with the MIA demands

Work cited

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