Lifestyle Photography Telling A Story

Whatever the lifestyle, outdoors, entertainment, cooking, people and more, your photos should tell a story to your viewers. The viewer should know what is going on and maybe be so interested as to feel as if they were there.

A good rule of thumb to follow is to not overthink your photo shoots and follow your senses as to what looks right in your scenes. When you look around your scene, ideas will come to you naturally.

It may seem weird, but often your best shots are those that weren't planned. One area that you do want to plan is the equipment you'll need for the location you are going to be in. If you are indoors, a good 50mm and 35mm lens with low apertures will serve you well.

Quite often, you'll encounter lighting situations that are beyond your control. Indoors can be the most difficult, especially when the venue is not well lit. You can adjust with all you know about the exposure triangle and still end up with some imperfections. Don't fret. If you capture the emotion and actions of the scenes, the imperfections often blend in to what some call style/

Every image because a memory, a moment frozen in time. When you look back at the people in the photos do too, you'll remember the moment as if it were happening again. It's a story you will tell over and over with your photos.

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