Mount Waialeale The mount Waialeale Mountains.

There is a lot of plant life like flowers trees and vines.

Mount Waialeale is made out of grassy mountains. It is located in Waialeale Hawii, where there is a population of 1.36 million. I would truley not want to live there because it rains 350 days out of 365 days every year. Waialeale is located at the southeastern edge, that is now a plateau called Alakai Swamp.

Mount Waialeale pouring outside

A few fun facts about Mount Waialeale is the islands Largest (tallest) Peak. it is also surrounded with clouds, Waialeale is one of the world's wettest spots. It rains at least 450 inches a year or 11,430 millimeters.

Mount Waialeale with 1 foot fog on the ground.

Mount Waialeale can be very beautiful when it is not raining, which is very few days of the year. The most that it doesn't rain each year is 15 or less days. Infact there is no reason that it could not rain every day of the year, but not all day.

This is Mount Waialeale when it is not raining outside.

Mount Waialeale also has some very interesting wildlife such as rabbits, lizards, ducks and different kinds of birds. There is an extremely popular flower called the Anthurium, flamingo flower.

This is the Anthurium Flamingo flower

Mount Waialeale is 5,066 feet in the air and is covered with falling water, where there isn't falling water there is moss and very green grass covering most of the Mountain.

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