How Do Things Glow in the Dark BY:aaliyah

how do things glow in the dark

To make things glow in the dark its not magic ,its simple science made with many chemicals including luminescene, chemiluminescne,zinc,sulfide, and more chemicals

the secret for glow in the dark food is tonic water which includes quinine. Put in any food you make and turn off the lights and watch the food with tonic water GLOW!!

First you need dough then you need to cover it with glow in the dark paint. You have to mix the dough but you have to let it sit and dry for a little for about 10 min in a jar so it doesnt dry out. Then add more paint to the dough.

Glow in the dark play dough

Glow in the Dark firefly jars

Get a used jar such as a peanut butter and make dots of glow in the dark acrylic paint inside the jar then get a sharpie and draw the antennas to make it look like a bug then put them outside so the lightning bugs think they have little friends

dip a pasta noodle in glow in the dark paint but you have to wait until the noodles dry. When they are dry get a piece of yarn but use a pipe cleaner for a threading noodle.


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