India tech support By:kyandre jones

The pop. of Indian is about 1.3 billion it is number two in the world.There is alot of people in India theirs a lot of urban population (the amount of people in urban areas) 31.16% of people in India live in urban areas.

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India's education system is bad and it takes a turn for worst because teachers are under paid.Even asking questions is considered rude during class and so thinking is not encouraged.People don't get good grades and usually getting into college means having top marks.

A high school education is usually preferred but not required to work at a call center in India.

Tleltech is the name of a call company. Usually In a call company people help with lots of customer service. Trading in a call center can be very long and it takes some practice to get it right.

The average pay is $14.36 - but they don't get commission and on occasion may have to deal with extremely difficult customers.

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India has the more call centers so they talk to more people. Countrys count on India for call support and some can't handle it by them self inda is needed is some case.india is the boss when it comes to call centers!!!!


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