Mark Seliger By: Zachary Hereford

Mark Seliger was born in 1959 and is still taking pictures to this day..

He mainly specializes in portraits mainly of celebrities and a lot of time using a black and white filter.

He likes to fill the frame usually with his subjects face or full body and will sometimes add some sort of prop to show what the person he is photographing does or what they have achieved.

Mark most often works for celebrities but will sometimes photograph an average person that he may just want to photograph.

He likes to use a Mamiya Leaf Credo 60 camera system because of its reliability and simplicity.

He likes to primarily light the subjects face independently from the background while doing close ups and he usually lights the whole subject while doing standard portraits.

For Mark's early influences he says, "My mentor was a guy named James Blueberry, who was our professor. Wonderful guy. I admired Penn, Avedon, and Arnold Newman was one of my heroes. I loved some of the early Skrebneski pictures and was a fan of Mary Ellen Mark and Diane Arbus."

I like how even though almost all of his portraits are set up the same he makes it look like a wildly different kind of picture every time and its not just because he is using a different subject but he gets them to do different poses and changes the background or the way that they look in order to add a different feel to the picture. I also like how he takes pictures of well known people and celebrities because I like being able to recognize the people in photographs that I see especially when taken by famous photographers.

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