The Principal's PEN Teacher edition 8.1

Welcome back to The Principal's Pen! Let get back to work.

From the Desk of Glover

Reflection: The reflections of Dr. Glover will be sent out later this week...he's a tad under the weather...again!

A Gram of GRANT

Welcome back from a brief break! I hope everyone is returning feeling rested as we prepare for round one of SOL testing next week. March will be a busy month for all of us with testing and more visits from Mrs. Weiner along with Lolet/Colet observations from our Central Office team. Our administrative team ask that teachers continue to encourage eighth graders during this week to give their best effort as they prepare for the SOL Writing test. In addition, we want our faculty and staff to encourage each other during testing as we all feel “a little bit” of pressure to give more than 100% to make sure students are prepared for testing. We are all in this together, so regardless of your content area, provide opportunities for students to improve their writing skills and ensure their success on the Writing SOL test. Thank you again for raising the bar each day at Dunbar.

Brown's Backpack

Bus Duty...Team 2 you're up! CAFE DUTY...Team 5

Bus team 2 -Blundell, Clifford-Wilson, Houchins, Flower, Megginson, Petrie, Scruggs, Hite.

Cafe Team 5 -Carter, Edson, Walters, Lesniak, Giffin, Potts, Thompson, D., Vennable

Mark your Calendar
  • New Teacher Support Meeting 3/6 3:15-4:15 Library
  • Behavior Assemblies 3/7 1st and 2nd period
  • Faculty Meeting- 3/9
  • Evening of Innovation 3/8 6:00-7:30 (all teachers required to attend)
  • R.S. Payne Students Visit Dunbar- 3/9 or 3/10 9-11am (the final date will be emailed in advance)
  • Winter Sports Awards Friday- Friday 10th -8thperiod (Karl will send an email)

Principal's Challenge

The Principal's Challenge for this week is: "Find one way you can make the school better this week...then DO IT! Then tell your homeroom teacher by Friday. Homeroom teachers please ask your students what they did this week." Please click here to add more ideas to the challenge list. (Ian and Karl, can we get this on WDMS?)

Reminders, Info, and Stuff...

1) BEHAVIOR Assembly - We will hold behavior assemblies 1st and 2nd period on Tuesday (See Dr. Glover's email)...AND because we have the sports awards ceremony this Friday students will adhere the to the following standards for students to attend the awards...even if they are an athlete:

Students will not be allowed to attend the awards assembly if they receive any of the following THIS WEEK:

  • OSS
  • ISS
  • Detention (Teacher's discretion i.e. if you assign a detention but are okay with the student attending then you don't have to add them to the list)
  • Sent to the office 2x this week

2) WRITING SOL NEXT WEEK... as you all may know… our SOL test for writing is next week! The scores affect all of us... so I'm asking us to have all hands on deck this week to help prepare students for the test. Please make sure your students are writing in your classes (ALL CLASSES, NOT JUST ENGLISH). The major thing non-english teachers can do to help our writing scores is to help them defend an argument or position. Helping correct grammar would just be value added...a coherent well thought out defense of their position is what scorers will be looking for when they grade their writings.

3) New IA - Please join me in welcoming mean Mr. Lagos to the Dunbar team! He will be our new instructional assistant taking over Ms. Marth's schedule. He will also be doing ADMINISTRATIVE after school detention. He is a very impressive man and speaks several different languages! He will be a great addition to the team!

4) Help Needed (Volunteerism) (Copied and Pasted) Below you will find a link to the March Madness Volunteer Survey Form. I'm asking that you forward this link to your faculty and staff and encourage them to complete by the deadline. Please also feel free to share with other LCS employees....the more the merrier! ​​We look forward to having many LCS volunteers support this wonderful partnership! Thanks for all you do! Have a great day.

5) Positive Poet Referrals - Use this Google form to submit POSITIVE Referrals when you catch a kid doing something awesome! Click here to use. This helps the kids get the Golden Poet Award!

6) Remediation Weeks - This will be Math's priority week (Accept 8th grade because English will have priority because of the ENGLISH Writing SOL).

Please update the school-wide weekly database with students you are pulling. USE this sheet. *****************On the remediation spread sheet...highlight kids in GREEN if they attend at least one day of remediation per week. We have to have proof that we are remediating students to count them for recovery kids.*********

7) *****MAKE SURE YOU DO THIS*****Peer Observations - As part of our school improvement plan we want every teacher to observe at least ONE class of another content teacher EVERY SEMESTER. Our plan states that teachers will conduct ONE peer classroom observation PER SEMESTER that is 2 per year. When you observe please provide the teacher you watched 1-2 glows (things you think they did well) and NO grows. This is for their benefit and it does not need to be shared with admin. What we do need you to share is a BREIF reflection using this Google Form (click here). I suggest bookmarking this link. YOU HAVE ALL SEMESTER TO GET ONE DONE...don't wait until May.

8) More Shout Outs!-See end of this Spark

9) IMPORTANT***Bullying Form- CLICK HERE to view the bullying form I referenced in our faculty meeting. We will be sending group emails to some teachers that have students that we are tracking and trying to keep an eye on. I suggest bookmarking this link.

10) We have been giving the green light to to start Saturday School for academic AND DISCIPLINE purposes. I want to focus on English and Math and target our recovery students. The discipline Saturday academy will focus on character and respect.

I would used residual intercession funds to fund 4-6 paid teaching positions. Time and schedule is TBA it I'm thinking 8:30-10:45ish. I might be able to slide in an extra position for a discipline component of Saturday school to give us another consequence for minor infractions.

Last call...I need to know who is interested in teaching (pay would be about the same as intercession).

Sign up on this google sheet so I can get an idea if we could staff this.

11) PASS/FAIL for ELL- I can't stress how important it is that we be in compliance with all ELL and SPED is the LAW in many cases. This is an easy one... please make sure you change grades to Pass/Fail if Ms. Thompson has informed you to do so for any of her ELL students.

Thought for the week: `

Final Thought: Again...Consistency is key...

TEACHER SHOUTOUTS...from parents and co-workers!

  • Ms. Clark-Slaughter: Mrs. Clarkslaughter makes sure her students understand the material and goes the extra mile to make sure her students are prepared for their quizzes and tests. She is always patient and kind with her students. Taking the kids to the book festival was a really incredible experience for them.

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