ARK - LifeBoat Building "The present is such a time when a Noah’s Ark is urgently needed, we might say. Though symbolic, this reality is a role we are all being called upon to play.” - Thomas Berry

EARTH 2.0 ReBoot

Climate change, extinction of species, economic uncertainty, energy crisis, over population and global wars; while we don’t all agree on the causes or the solutions to any of these, we can agree we are living amidst social and economic unrest, and rapid—if not historic—planetary changes. To address these issues, disruptive models are cropping up to in every sector from technology to travel.

EARTH 2.0 Reboot is one such model in the Land Use, and Think Tank sectors.

An ARK, or a lifeboat if you like, is a live-work retreat rooted in a rural landscape. A place made from re-purposed, underutilized properties, implementing the most current technologies in alternative building, renewable energy, organic food supply + agriculture, water systems and hyper-connectivity. The ARK is built on the premise that humans must preserve what remains of the Earth through harnessing and harboring our greatest resource: human ingenuity. It is a holistic system of revitalization and renewal, to transform day-to-day work habits done at headquarters, into ruralquarters where change-agents go and immerse themselves in nature—the ultimate change agent—to renew thinking, and imagine disruptive ideas.

Ark building for a 21st century



A complete, off-grid toolkit for community farming

Farm From A Box

G-POD - Living Pods

PORTAL - Teleportation & Communication

To create, practice and document a New Vision for Humanity

There is an urgent need to document, share and educate in order to accelerate a global learning process.

The Helical Outpost®

What is a Earth 2.O reboot Hyper-village?

A place owned by an innovative company (maybe Google, Snapchat or Airbnb), built on renewable principles; permaculture, wind, solar, water catchment, food and food security, surrounded by acres of nature. It incorporates the best in internet technologies for employees and partners go for “work retreats” intended to disrupt the ordinary thought process, create, and imagine the disruptive experiences and solutions to:

  • Climate change
  • Renewable Energy
  • Food Security
  • Revitalizing and Restoring land base
  • Health
  • Connectivity
  • Community

This is at once an a think tank, a laboratory, a no-cubicle zone, a mental health insurance program, and a people investment program and working model for sustainable living.



ARK - LifeBoat concepts by: Bruce Weaver -

Seeking Tech-Philanthropist to purchase a ranch in New Mexico also have other properties that would be ideal for ARK - Earth 2.0 Reboot projects.

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