The French revolution By: Jeremy Litorja

The success of the french revolution

The French Revolution was a time that power was no longer stable. Before the revolution people were starving to death and the government was extremely in debt. The citizens were taxed heavily causing them not to have money for food and the government was using the money for their own benefits and not for bettering the country as a whole.

During the time of the revolution people were highly unsatisfied with what was being done with their money. So the king called for the 3 estates to have a conference to talk about making France better. This resulted in the kick start to the Tennis Court Oath.

Th reign of terror

The Reign of Terror was a time of fear when people were being accused for anything and could be killed off due to the accusations. This was led by the revolutionary leaders that thought they were going to lose their power. The accused were generally people who were part of the Old Order like the nobles or people who "Criticized" the new revolution. A lot of people lived in fear of being executed by the Guillotine. Which was the main source of executing someone.

Napoleon's Reign

Napoleon Bonaparte was a ruthlessly ambitious man. When the French empire was in a disarray during the revolution Napoleon took a hold of the shambles and shook them up. This resulted in Napoleon being a mere army captain to becoming the most powerful man in France.

Napoleon had a lot of power in the military because of his success as a military leader. With his power in the military he also had a lot of respectable and loyal followers. Napoleon was able to seize the power of France for himself because of his armed supporters surrounding the directory legislators and forcing them to transfer their powers to Napoleon. This was known as a Coup d'etat.

The Russian Compaign

Napoleon at first just stationed troops outside of of Russia. Which made the Russian leader, Czar Alexander I very nervous. Napoleon noticed this and decided to gather his troops up and storm his way into Russia. There was already problems with the invasion because some of these soldiers were new to the ranks and were not very loyal.

Weather conditions were a huge factor to the downfall of the French movement. The heat during the summer hit them hard and left the men and horses in a miserable state. This thinned out the army's ranks. Napoleon wanted a quick victory over Russia, but that proved to be hard as the Russians continued to retreat further into their border and leaving nothing behind for the French to use. Not even a few villages because they were burned down. When Napoleon finally made it to Moscow it was burned down and in ruin which provided no shelter or food to the French. This made Napoleon realize that he had to pull back and take a defeat to the Russians, or he would lose his entire army and himself.

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