The Power of Me February: Birthdays, Valentines, & tcea

It's my birthday week and my favorite technology convention where this year's theme is: "the power of you"...Wha-what-what?

For so many years, the first week or two in February seems to be among my favorite weeks of the year, so much that I I feel pampered, privileged, and a little spoiled by the end of it! An only child for 10 years before my brother was born, my birthday parties were always big, my childhood was a grand one, and even at my age now, I still sometimes resist growing up...on my birthday, that is. I still get excited about birthdays, but I've traded my lengthy guest list for a Kendra Scott wish list, and I ALWAYS take FULL advantage of the 50% discount for birthday girls! And this year's "Power of You" theme...well, it doesn't help my birthday "it's all about me" tendencies.

It gets better, though: With my mother's birthday closely following mine, and Valentine's Day in between, our celebration shopping habit can be a scary thing for my husband. Thanks to Ms. Scott, however, she ALWAYS launches an enticing Valentine's "deal" that, when combined with our birthday discounts, can result in a literal HAUL of beautiful things during this wonderful week in February. It's seriously amazing if you like pretty things!

I remember one year we celebrated at Perla's, my favorite restaurant on Congress, which happens to be next door to Kendra's. It was Valentine's weekend. For every $100 spent, we received a beautiful Cassie bracelet, and of course we used the 50% off, and left with Cassie's in several colors and enough merchandise to raise an eyebrow at this habit we call Kendra Scott!

Another year, I stood in line for an hour just to receive a Rayne necklace with every purchase, another fabulous Valentine's "deal." Needless to say, it is "that week" and I'm perusing my collection of Elle earrings to determine which colors I seriously "need" this year. And I CANNOT WAIT.

And it's my FAVORITE learning conference of the year: the Texas Computers in Education Annual Summit at the Convention Center in Austin, where I am immersed in the company of what seems to be thousands of educators, all focused on go higher and deeper in the world of educational technology. It is mind altering for the learner, energizing for the thinker, and personally rewarding, always, for me. I'm sure I'll still be participating when I retire from teaching.

It really is...

The Power of You

I must have this "It's all about me" aura (anyway) during my birthday month because there have been YEARS that I'd walk through Exhibit Hall and win gadgets, drawings, and more! Ask my friend, Carol, who would marvel each year at how many times they would draw my name. Okay -- I played the "birthday card" more than once, but sometimes I think they actually did draw my name randomly! There were some lean years in between, but I'm hoping to score this year with some really awesome TCEA swag! My husband always looks forward to sack of goodies I bring home, from flash drives, to pens, lasers, and gadgetry. I go for the big stuff, like Ipads, computers, laptop bags and more, and I'm ready!

Checking out ADOBE this year in honor of my SPARK LOVE!

This year is all about new beginnings for me. It's my first year in my current position as ESL Specialist on my campus, though my 25th year in education, and it's my first year as a presenter at TCEA. This conference undoubtedly energizes me as a 21st century educator. The opportunity to share ideas and to see what others are doing, how others are using technology in the classroom brings ideas and inspiration to me. It's amazing how transformative the simplest of tools can be to the classroom, to kids who really do see the world differently, and to me as an educator who truly wants to move with the currant. Teachers, I believe, are among the most creative beings on the planet. I am always awed at the way someone has taken something familiar, lesson we've all done, and created a completely fresh and new lesson using a new app or program. Always -- I spend the week soaking in every session, tweeting great ideas, fast and furiously taking notes, and generating pages and pages potential lesson possibilities based on my learning and the GREAT IDEAS I hear others sharing. It is TRULY and educational feast if you're an idea and learning junkie like I am!

So it's here. It's THAT week, and I am SO ready. I'll be at the Hilton participating in the ESL Academy on Monday, (I hope to have an audience at my presentation) and I'll be on the front row in as many sessions as possible the rest of the week, cruising through the Exhibit Hall in between! And if I don't see you, we might just bump into each other at PF Chang's or Chez Nu, or one of the other fabulous restaurants in the area, where I will be the girl with that "birthday dessert" .... because yes, we do play that card at the restaurants, too. After all, it really is all about "The POWER of me" isn't it? Put on your tiara and join me at this week at TCEA 2017. It is sure to be a dazzling week!

You do know I'm kidding...sort of, right?


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