My UX to UI Journey From a wannabe product designer

My journey

I changed my career six years ago after moving from Brazil to Ireland. My initial background is tourism and I always had a great connection with design, especially illustration. I started working and studying in localization after moving overseas, eventually noticed I was doing more graphic localization rather than translation of texts and because design was where I wanted to be I drafted a plan to change career for good since working as a translator wasn't paying the bills.

I enrolled myself in an interactive media course, I went from a very basic understanding of Illustrator and Photoshop to an advanced level and after that I worked a year in design and packaging as a project manager for a pharmaceutical company. In 2016 I decided to do a greater move, another degree. It was a long year and I finally got at the end of an industrial project, working remotely with a team of designers, developers and project managers, we delivered an e-commerce website. I draw wireframes, mockups, user journeys, created personas, everything still very vivid on my mind, besides that I kept working as a marketing designer, moved jobs while doing the course, started a mentorship with Automattic and now I am freelancing and looking for a new position as a product designer.

I am starting this course along with Product Design from Udacity, both are giving me guidance and enhancing my understanding of user experience, which for me is the psychology of technology.

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Assignment 1 - Identify a problem that you would like to solve as part of this UX course


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