My Trip to The Harn Museum of Art Yerdan Lopez

El Anatsui, Old Man's Cloth, 2003

Medium/Technique of the Art: A picture of this art piece does not do it justice for observing its value. Up close and in person, I was amazed by the craftsmanship of the art itself. Seeing how it was made out of liquor bottle caps and labels, twined together by copper, makes the piece itself astonishing. From a distance, the work looks like a golden blanket, with the 3 dimensionality of a blanket shown throughout the work. Certainly the work is a sight to behold, but a major component its appeal is in how special and unordinary it is. It is very different from most art, and stands out in my experience at the museum.

The Cofrin Asian Art Wing

Design of the Museum: What especially highlighted my experience at the Harn museum was the overall design and layout of the building and exhibits themselves. I have visited many museums in my past (not as much as some though), and I felt that the layout made the whole experience much more enlightening than some other museums, such as the one in my hometown of Ocala. The design reminded me a bit of my own experiences of the museums in London and Paris. The Cofrin Asian Art Wing in particular stood out for me in my experience at the museum. The large open space and flooding of natural light from the outside really made the exhibit a beauty. The scenery outside, not shown in the photo, highlighted the experience of this exhibit as it provided a sight of nature that is particularly appealing. The way the art was arranged throughout the exhibit made each one stand out on its own, presented uniquely from the rest, yet at the same time jointly with the rest of the art as well. The presentation of the room, and its structure, is what ultimately helped to create a feeling of unity among the works of art. The exhibit provided an overall pleasant experience as I was able to enjoy the beauty of the works as well as the beauty of exhibit design.

Boardman Robinson, Excavation, 1926

Art and Core Values: This particular work of art shows a group of people hard at work, in unified effort. By looking at this art, I am able to reflect on my own characteristics of of my work ethic. When I looked at the art piece, memories of working with my dad and of my time as a football player came to mind. I remembered working with my father on repairs of his semi-truck and how much effort it took to help him every time I did. It was a lot of work, but just knowing that I helped my dad out with the laborious job made it the whole effort worth it. I remember how my high school coaches pushed me to practice hard every day during my time as a football player. I put in so much effort everyday to become both a better player and healthier individual overall. Both of these memories, with my father and my football team, were examples of my past that proved the sort of work ethic and motivation I have when I apply myself. I also learned that I could apply this same effort and motivation towards the development of my future and career. While the men in this art piece are hard at work in an excavation, I can relate through my own experiences of physical work. Overall, the painting appeals to my values of hard work and motivation, which I also try to apply to my current studies.

Sebastian Salgado, Cast of Thousands, 1986

Art and the Good Life: When I first looked at this piece of art, I was astonished by its likeliness to an ant colony. It looked just like an ant colony, with all of the workers cooperating together towards a common goal. This painting thus can relate to element of unity found in society. Just as these hundreds of workers cooperate to dig through this gold mine, people in society take time to help each other appreciate the Good Life. Without others, life would be lonely, and in that sense it would become difficult to attain the Good Life. Even though we may not necessarily be "working together", we enjoy each others company, we socialize, share collective memories, reflect on the past, we enjoy activities, and we provide each other emotional support. So just as these workers unify to work on this one project, we may relate this to how we may unify as groups in society to better appreciate each other and have a better opportunity of enjoying the Good Life, especially with one another.

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