Hidden Figures By:Alonzo Gatewood

The setting of this movie is at NASA. The setting of the movie is a vital part of the plot.

The plot is great and action packed, it can also get serious at times. The movie is about a group of african american weman who are also working at NASA to put a man in space in the space race against the solviet union.

The characters are very realistic they .They are believable and are also serious at some times.

The dialogue is great,The dialogue makes the movie feel very real and natural. The scenes are put together very well.

The acting is very good all of the characters fit their role. The actors/actresses all play the right role. Especially Taraji Henson she is a very good actress.

The message that I got from this movie is that you should never give in to failure, be the first.

Hacksaw Ridge is another great movie it has a similar theme, never give into failure.

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