Inject Creativity Live (50th Episode) Wednesday 22nd September 2021

Welcome to our 50th Episode!

Tim, Jerry and I are joined by...

  • Clara Galan -
  • Drew Mayhills – Director of HotHouse Company at All Saints' College
  • Aryan Mohanty - currently employed as a Design Intern by the College, recent Grade 12 graduate
  • Peter Hutton - Future Schools Alliance.

Drew Mayhills – Director of HotHouse Company and Aryan Mohanty - Design Intern, stgudent and creative

Drew and Aryan discussed some of the advantages of self-paced and self-directed learning, and the pitfalls of a 'talk-and-chalk' approach in a time when there is so many resources for up and coming creatives available, for free, on platforms like Adobe EDEX and YouTube.

Aryan discussed how his own interest has grown from removing backgrounds on a few images to managing Instagram accounts as a freelancer. Aryan is at Curtain University, studying Social and Multimedia Marketing, which encompasses multimodal media approaches in a flexible way.

Drew highlighted how important it is to keep creativity at the forefront, and Peter added the encouraging comments of how awesome he thinks this kind of empowerment and encouragement is for up-and-coming creatives.

Peter Hutton from Future School’s Alliance

Peter took us through his thought process of how teachers jump in and take control of the learning process too early, which can smother exploration for students.

Peter announced during our show the establishment of a bricks and mortar 'Future School' in Melbourne in Victoria. This school will be open 24/365, with 12 hours open, and 12 'dark' hours with full support for students.

Peter aims for this school to be a 'NET CONTRIBUTOR TO SOCIETY'. He wants to deliver to the community measurable value to communities, with support offered by the resources in the school to community projects and support, such as creating resources and assisting community projects.

The expected student input into the community is $20000 per annum per student, which is a value estimate of school time, creativity and resources that can be used for real-world applications. This is in contrast to the process of students doing in-class projects that never see the light of day, like posters for events that are not happening.

Peter wants philanthropy to be the centre principle of the school, starting in 2023.
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