Household Items pH Lab Autumn House, kaitlynn degardin

Miracle Gro-green,,base

Antacid-yellow and chalky,ph of 7, neutral

Olive Oil-yellowish,thick but liquid,ph of 6,acid

Milk of magnesia-white,smells like sweet/sour, ph of 7.5, weak base

Coffee-dark brown, strong, ph of 5, acid

Shaving cream-white and foamy, ph of 8, base

Lotion-off white, creamy, sweet, ph of 7, neutral

Glue-white, thick, sticky, ph of 6, acid

Carpet Cleaner-Clear, liquid, smells chemically, ph of 5, acid

Apple Cider Vinegar-orangish-yellow, smell sour, liquid, ph of 3, acid

Hyla Fragrance-clear, smells strong and kinda like pine sol, ph of 6, acid

Stomach Relief- Pink, thick, ph of 6, acid

Ketchup-red, thick, ph of 4, acid

Sprite-clear, bubbly, smells sweet, ph of 4, acid

Borax Detergent Booster-crystally,clear, ph of 9, base

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