Racism Alice Jeon

This video gave me an idea, an inspiration to use this social issue. Asian Americans read racist comments against them and react to them. They write and say what they would've said to the person at that time. They describe their personal experience and how they felt, what they should have done and more. FOR EXAMPLE:One guy said someone asked him to do his math homework for him because asians are smart and good at math. He responds by saying “Jokes on him, I’m bad at math.”

Summary: There are people from all over the world here in America. However, there is still Racism here. Many races are discriminated or looked down at from other races who think they are superior to everyone else. Racism was always a major problem and it can’t stay longer because it is not right.

This social issue relates to me on a personal level because I've experienced some racist things as an asian american and I feel like everyone has also experience this in their lifetime. No matter what race you are, you can get affected and hurt by some of these racist comments,etc.

By learning more about this social issue, I want to spread the word to people, and also stop this issue and prevent it from hurting people. I want to make people realize that no race is better than one and that we should unite as a whole than being enemies with each other.

My cohort should also consider this social issue. It basically affects every one of us living in the United States for there is Racism. We should stop this problem before it gets to the point we can't do anything anymore or to the point you become the victim.

Climate Change and global warming is also another issue. All this pollution is killing the environment making it unsanitary and it hurts us as well.
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Alice Jeon

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