This Week in Room 14 May 8, 2017

Check out over 100 pictures from Titanic Day in the Photo Gallery on our Class Website. Students have typed up their interviews conducted on Titanic Day and many are close to finishing their newspaper article. They will all be put together in a Titanic newspaper front page from 1912.


This past week students their very first state standardized test at Leonard, the MSTEP. As I mentioned in an email earlier this week, they did a great job staying focused and trying their best. The test will conclude this week with math portions on Tuesday and Thursday. Results will be sent to you by the school district when they become available.


Due to testing taking place on both Tuesday and Thursday this week, there will be minimal homework to ensure everyone can get to bed a little earlier. Of course students can always fill that extra time by playing outside, reading, writing in a notebook or journal, working on FrontRow or RAZ Kids, playing a board game or just relaxing after a hard day at school.


Permission slips for Greenfield Village are due on Friday, May 12. Everyone who would like to chaperone is welcome. Please return the permission slips and pay for tickets on PaySchool. If you are turning in a volunteer background check form, please remember to attach a copy of your driver's license.

Pictures from last year's visit to Greenfield Village.


Students take weekly pretests and some final Spelling Tests electronically and scores are emailed to me. Ask your third grader to show you their scores on their iPad photo gallery! Thank you so much for your help at home with spelling practice tests.


Students are working understanding author's craft by recognizing when an author is using foreshadowing, when there will be a problem in a story (ask your 3rd graders about the "roller coaster" that good authors use in chapter books) and how authors use language to help the reader visualize what is happening. We have a board full of post its, where students have added rich language they found during their reading times.

At this time of year, spring reading assessments are taking place. With about half of the short (15 minute) individual assessments complete, I am seeing great progress in our readers from September. I'm sure you are noticing this at home as well when you read with your children.


In writing, students are adapting a classic fairytale of their choice by changing the characters, setting or both! These should be fun to read when they are complete.


We are working on fractions in Unit 7 of our book. Students can always do additional practice on Front Row in the fraction domain.

Have a great week! Genia Connell

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