How to Question Leaders A step-by-step tutorial

"A deck of cards is built like the purest of hierarchies, with every card a master to those below it, a lackey to those above it." - Ely Culbertson

My Father

My specific leader that I have chosen is considerably my dad. I am concerned about his leadership. For example, why he became a father, why he needs to justify his opinions, and to improve his leadership style and methods.


He is the ' king' of the family where he runs basic hierarchy at home. As a father, he is barely open to opinions except under heavy pressure where he has to seek opinions and help. He is smart with 70% decisions as he is the oldest in the family and has the most real-life experience but is constantly questioned with his decisions in the family like overreacting, missing several days of work, poor driving decisions, forgetting valuables, and more.

But his leadership style is different. He explains and teaches people around him using real-life examples from his past but doesn’t get right to the point which gives out confusion. He doesn't know he is 'beating around the bush'. So he is concerned about what other people should do but rarely justifies why they should therefore his leadership style needs to be questioned.

My father came into position as a leader when he started school which was around 5 as he was half-dedicated to learning to support his family. As he grew older and knew more, he then changed his mindset to adopt new leadership methods and intentions after he was married and became a father.

His reason to become a father/leader is perhaps unknown as he is not willing to share his childhood and his past. Even if he tries to explain something, he avoids those specific topics. This makes me curious so I am concerned why he is doing he is doing.

The Questioning Process

Step 1: Get Comfortable

The first thing you gotta before questioning a leader is that you need to do is get comfy. Like real comfy. Think of this as a mission. A big mission where you are a someone that needs to get information. You need to know more about the opposition but you have to gain their trust first.

Leadership styles like these will require patience and finesse at times. Gaining trust which is getting comfy at first, will push away uncertainty and will give a higher chance to succeed in the objective to question the leader. How you are going to do it will not be simple. You have to make many informal conversations to gain his trust but he has to do most of the talking because he is just fond of speaking his opinion. Doing so everyday will please him making it easier to question him.

Step 2: Plan it Out

As from Step 1, you have to be patient to gain trust with the leader. The process of preparing to question the leader is actually harder than the process to question the leader. Preparing to do so can make it easier to question the leader. So the next step is to plan to ask.

The Conference

My father is not a professional at using technology so emails, phone calls, and text messages is an inefficient way to question him therefore you must set aside some time.You must have ask him informally in a casual conversation to engage him in a better mood. Beat around the bush to do so.

How to start off the conversation could be anything that has enough ground work. For example, a previous topic that he was engaged about would be good enough. After, end it off a joke to spice things up to start the questioning.

Step 3: The Game

The ‘game’ as to speak is where you have to question his leadership and how you may want to improve his leadership methods. As his main language is specifically ‘Cantonese’, the questioning must be in this language which has quite a lot of setbacks if you aren’t fluent with the language. The exact questions you need to ask is using simple yet self-explanatory questions to make him explain why he leads, how he could do better to lead, and to explain why he does what he does. Using these questions and translating them into Cantonese will give you a higher chance of success.

The answer given from my father will extremely vary as he is unpredictable and may also not give the answer at all and may leave. That is why questioning this leadership style is typically difficult.

Good Luck With this Tutorial and These specific Leaders!


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