Yellowstone August 2016

North enrerace to the park

As we enter this wonderful park I wonder just what exciting adventures await us.

Written on the arch

A moment in history. Thank you President Teddy Roosevelt for making this possible.

Written on the arch

Pit this on your bucket list. Well worth the trip.

Through the arch and now waiting to get to get checked in
This is exciting can't wait to see more.

Almost there . What new adventures will Yellowstone give us.

Our first sign indicating where we are at this moment.
A beautiful river rushing by beside the road. In the background notice how dry the area is.
Our first view of Mamomth Hot Springs. We will be here for 2 nights

Temperature was 75 degrees and sunny. A great way to start an adventure. To early to check in so we took a side trip to the hot springs.

This cabin will be our home for the next two nights. Very comfortable. We will have a 5:00 meeting to meet our tour director , bus driver, and travel mates for the next.few days.Oru tour guide is Phil Knight. Driver is Michael from Bulgaria..Our travel mates are a family of six from London England and a teacher from New Jersey making a total of nine..After the meeting went to dinner at the restaurant , back to the cabin to retire for the night as we are scheduled for a busy day tomorrow.

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