Fisherman's Bible 2nd Edition


Author-jay cassell

Date- 2015

Jay Cassell loves outdoors he's made bunch of books about the outdoors

chThis book doesn't have a setting or a main character but it does have a lot of fishing stuff to look at so you are pretty much the main character and the setting of the book because you choose where to fish.

The problem the main character faces is trying to be a better fisherman so they buy the book and read it all.

The authors writing style is kind of cool because he digs the outdoors and makes bunch of books like this.

The one thing I dislike about his writing style is he doesn't say much its just a bunch of pictures of fishing stuff I already know

The thing I like about the story is its a bunch of fishing stuff and I like fishing its fun

what I dislike about the story is nothing I love fishing

The authors message was most deff get out and fish bud.

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