taχəmaǰɛǰɛ creation facilitation consultation


Koosen Pielle

Language Warrior, Tla'amin Nation: Koosen is a member of the Tla’amin Nation. She has traveled extensively in Canada as a Youth Leader and with the First Nations Health Authority. Koosen is a Language Technician working to revitalize and preserve Tla’amin’s Ayajuthum (language). Her work has been documented in film, radio and print. Koosen contributes to the First Peoples Advisory circle, representing Ayajuthum.

Zoë Ludski

Transmedia Artist, co-host of 42 Fish: Zoë found community in the territory of the Tla’amin Nation. She has worked internationally in media and education for over two decades. Her work focuses on equity and communication, through media literacy, policy and direct action. She helped found the Community Media Advocacy Centre (CMAC), a national organization that supports community-based, nonprofit and noncommercial broadcasters, as well as media produced by volunteers and/or underrepresented communities.

Koosen and Zoë have been working together since 2013, when they created their first radio documentary together. 'We Are Still Here'. This piece has aired on radio across Canada and was part of the Royal BC Museums' exhibition "Our Living Languages: First People's Voices in British Columbia"

Their transmedia work has been broadcast across Turtle Island, including a mass Blanket Exercise broadcast live across Canada during the Unsettling Canada 150 Radio Marathon with Nuxalk Radio, and Wawatay Communications Society.

Koosen and Zoë's work is intergenerational and international. Their work as facilitators has been widely acknowledged

I raise my hands to you all ... Words cannot express the experience in the exercise/workshop, was very educational, surreal and emotional. ~ Justice Program Director, Tla'amin Nation

Koosen and Zoë have been invited to work in several communities across so called British Columbia.

[their workshop]... powerfully conveys an accurate Canadian history that engages students minds and hearts and ignites their desire for truth and for change. . ~ Alison Taplay, Program Coordinator, Vancouver Island University

Koosen and Zoë understand the power of media. As co-hosts of the community radio show '42 Fish' they share language, music and events and encourage critical thinking, courageous conversations and cross cultural sharing. The Empowered Sound workshop teaches media literacy skills and hands on technical skills through creation. Participants learn how to gather, write, record and share stories.

Their events bring Indigenous Speakers to communities to create opportunities for discussions. Doreen Manual, Willie Trasher, Eric Wilson, Gunargie O'Sullivan and Banchi Hanuese have helped Koosen and Zoë to discuss Broadcasting, Music and Film with a lens of community building.

Singing and Drumming are a part of all of their work.

We challenge you to explore your discomfort until it moves you.

Workshops and Events

We offer to visit your community and share some of our stories or invite you to join us in beautiful Tla'amin Nation Territory. To book a workshop or discuss further options please contact us at: taxumajehjeh@gmail.com or via our website http://taxumajehjeh.ca

The Blanket Exercise: An experiential learning workshop on the history of Turtle Island from pre-contact till today. Originally developed in response to the 1996 Report of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples by KAIROS Canada, this script has been adapted to include localized history and current news.

Empowered Sound: learn about Ayajuthum and our taʔow while creating music and stories. Koosen and Zoe share technical and creative skills so that participants learn how to gather, create and share their voices across different media.

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Zoë Ludski